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Default Re: ISO to USB

Ok basicly i have this new netbook i like (HP Compaq 2710p) and i didnt have the username or password to login to it to start with (its not stolen i got it from my dads works and we were aloud but it logs in via a domain that i dont have access to) anyways yeh so i intalled ubuntu so i could download windown xp so ive downloaded windows xp (Proformance edition) and i wish to install it i brought some cds and used 5 but the iso never seemed to burn the checksum took to long and timed out so now all i have left is my usb drive so i need a peice of software so i can write the pe.iso to my usb drive only things i have been told that might work is the usb creator thats built into ubuntu (that was a fail) and UNbootIN (this was also a fail) my only idea left is to install wine and get a application i remember on windows that would do it but i would like to save my bandwidth xD so if anybody has any ideas please let me know btw im using ubuntu 11.04 and my usb drive is 8GB (7.5GB after formatting) so yeh if any help is available please let me know also if its somthing quite advance please simplfy it to n00b level i am a n00b at ubuntu any help will be rewarded via paypal i could give sombody like 10 if they help

wow my spelling sucks should of done a spell check... meh effort

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Default Re: ISO to USB

so you are using ubuntu to burn the iso?? idk much about ubuntu but did you use an ISO burner to burn the cd's? but there ways to burn iso's on a flashdrive.. but some computers dont support booting from flash drive. but i think if you look in the software center on ubuntu you can probably find an ISO burner there..

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Default Re: ISO to USB

yeh thats the thing i know there are iso burners that will do a bootable iso to usb but ubuntu seems to have none that will do windows :/ this sucks

Just so anybody eles who reads this knows aprently there is no way i do not belive this but alot of forums has said so there is only one way that was alot of script wich i will link to in the bottom tbh i think ubuntu should make a app for this but yeh i just relised that my windows pc is still working so i will copy the iso iver to my pc using my usb and make it bootable so yeh but keep up with the sugestions cos after i try this i mihgt fail ... again xD (i really have to get to know ubuntu a bit more but i more of a xp person i dont really like any other os never have done :/ i need to experament a bit more so if anybody has any other os's i should try let me know

right just anouther tip i odnt know if this will 100% work but download wine then downloacd Universal USB Installer the newest u can get and select u want to install one of the windows ones then load the iso plug in ur usb might work and heres the link
Installing XP from USB in Ubuntu host

btw the link was for the advance way of doing it
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Default Re: ISO to USB

Im not sure if this works for you but I've done this for a few netbooks, make sure you back up all your stuff on the laptop and USB before you begin this,

1. If you have a PC that you can work on
2. Does your PC have an ISO reader? (virtual drive like daemon tools or similar), If you do proceed to mount the ISO image to the virtual drive.
3. Download USB MultiBoot 10
4. Extract the contents and run the USB_MultiBoot_10 file.
5. Type 'H' for USBs larger than 4 GB, choose NTFS in File System and click 'Start' to format your USB, make sure your USB is backed up if there are important stuff.
6. Then you'll be loaded to another page from the Command WIndow.
7. Press 1 and 'Enter' to browse your Virtual CD (where your ISO is mounted)
8. Press 2 and 'Enter' to put your destinaton of the XP files, namely your USB.
9. Press 3 and 'Enter' to Initiate the copy and a window will pop up to make your installation unattended (meaning it will do all the name, serial number, timezone and etc without you present for the installation)
10. Restart your PC once its done and boot it to your USB and choose the 2.Boot with TXT setup (something along those lines it was a long time since I did this)
11. Just follow the setup and BANG, your XP will start to install.
12. Once it restarts your have to boot to your USB again but this time choose option 3. and BOOM, your XP will install all the way to login screen.

Here is a video (long video about 21 mins) if the instructions seem to hard to follow,, bear in mind that they choose the P method since they use a 2GB usb, in your case you got a 8GB USB I'd suggest you use the H on step 5. but other than that just follow the same steps and you're good to go.

This is lengthy and its more suited for moderate users, I hope this helps.

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