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Default Installing Windows 7 on SSD

Earlier, Iīve had Windows 7 on two SATA discīs in RAID 0, and everything worked fine. And now when a SSD SATA 3 had been installed with Windows 7, itīs ok if only the SSD-disc is alone (and the powerconnectorīs is not attached to the old RAID 0 discs with Windows 7), but if also those discīs are powered up, before Windows is starting, Iīll get the message: Boodmrg is missing, pres Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart.

I think the computer get confused when all the discīs are on. Maybe it has to do with that Windows 7 also are installed at the RAID 0 discīs. Cause if the SSD-disc not have Windows installed, and Windows 7 is run from the RAID 0 discīs, itīs working fine, and the SSD-disc appears in the Disc Manager and the computers explorer.

Is there any idéa how to get rid of the problem? Maybe I must set the RAID-discīs not te be booted from (Primary Master), but I canīt found any setting for that in BIOS!

Grateful for help: Mikael Markstrom

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Default Re: Installing Windows 7 on SSD

When you receive a message that the "Boot Manager is Missing", it is usually because Windows is trying to boot from a non-bootable device.

Go into your BIOS and check the "Boot Order". Your optical drive should be #1, and your SSD should be #2.

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Default Re: Installing Windows 7 on SSD

The reason for that is because when you install Windows 7, there is a partition on the drive of about 100MB labeled "System Reserved". This contains all the boot information and controls dual booting. When you installed Windows on the SSD, setup found the System Reserved partition on the RAID array and didn't create one on the SSD. When you boot, you should get a boot choice menu to select an operating system to start.

The easiest way to fix this is to back up all of your data on the array and wipe it. Wipe the SSD and reinstall Windows onto it.

You could also disconnect the array and reinstall Windows onto the SSD.
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Default Re: Installing Windows 7 on SSD

When doing a fresh, full install always disconnect all other disks. That way you avoid boot manager issues like you have. The easy way out is to re-install Win 7 on the SSD while the array is disconnected.
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