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Default How to fix common driver issues

A driver is a small software program that allows a hardware device to communicate with a computer. When hardware installed in or attached to a computer doesn't work properly, it is often because of a driver problem.

Here are some common problems with drivers, and tips to solve them.

I just installed a new hardware device, and it's not working correctly.

If hardware isn't working properly, you might need a new driver—whether you installed the device recently or have had it installed since you acquired your computer. Every device needs a driver that allows it to communicate with your computer. Sometimes drivers need to be updated. All your drivers must be compatible with this version of Windows.

Usually, you can find the driver you need on the disc that came with the hardware or device you want to use, or on the manufacturer's website. Also, drivers come with Windows or can be found by going to Windows Update in Control Panel and checking for updates.

There are several things you can try if you have a device that is not working correctly:

Make sure that the hardware device is compatible with your computer and with your version of Windows. If the device is not compatible, you will need to find the correct driver. Check the information that came with your device.

Many devices require special drivers to work properly. Be sure that you have installed any software discs that came with the device.

Restart the computer. Restarting might be necessary if the driver requires it or if the driver did not install correctly.

My device used to work, but now it doesn't.

There are several things you can try:
Go to the manufacturer’s site to see if an updated driver is available for your device. So, if it’s a Dell, go to dell.com for the dell drivers you need.
Find the disc that came with the device and place it in the computer's CD drive to update the driver for the device.
Use Windows Update, the updated drivers might be available.

Update the drivers with a driver updater, it may help you get the driver updates you need automatically and correctly.

I can't connect to the Internet to update my drivers.

If you do not have a connection to the Internet, you might need to update your network driver manually. If you have the disc that came with the device, place it in the CD drive and manually update the driver.

If you can't find the disc, try to connect to the Internet from another computer and download the device driver from the device manufacturer's website. Once you have the device driver files, copy them to the computer with a problem.

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Default Re: How to fix common driver issues

yes, it's really annoying when a driver issue hits the computer. well, thanks for sharing this, it really helps in some way.

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Default Re: How to fix common driver issues

Very common information as for me
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