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Default How do I remove a corrupted XP

First, let me state that in terms of computer hardware and software I am not very literate.

About 2 weeks ago my XP crashed and despite 8 days of work and help from several people, it could not be resurrected.

Eventually I loaded a second legal XP SP2. Not knowing what a sector is, I loaded it into the same sector, but into a new folder, WINDOW2 (the corrupted XP is in the folder WINDOWS).

The only active anti-virus I loaded onto the new operating system is Norton System Works with Anti-Virus 2009.

I now would like to remove the corrupted XP and a number of other older programs I no longer need or want. However, since these programs were loaded by the old corrupted XP, the current Control Panels "Add or Remove" window only contains those programs recently loaded by the new XP.

This leads to two questions.

1. How do I remove these old programs? do I simple delete their folders?
2. How do I remove the old corrupted XP? It is in a folder named WINDOWS, while the new XP is in WINDOW2. Do I simply delete WINDOWS, and if so, should I rename WINDOW2 to WINDOWS or just leave it be?

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Default Re: How do I remove a corrupted XP

Yup, you basically select the unwanted Windows folder and delete it.

This will pretty much cover what you want to do:

How to remove a second installation of a Windows operating system from a partition

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Default Re: How do I remove a corrupted XP

Atomic Rooster,

Thanks much. Two follow up questions/issues.

1. The old unwanted programs that are no longer listed in the Add and Remove capability, do I just delete their folders? or do I download some type of removal software? or ..............?

2. When I first boot up, I get a message saying something like by CPU is changed??? and I'm asked to hit F1 to continue or F8 to check BIOS. I have checked the BIOS and to my unknowledgable brain, it looks OK. Then after the boot up continues, I get a black screen for about 30 seconds and then the first Windows screen appears (Something similar to Window is Starting Up). I run my NORTON Anti-virus so I don't think I have a bug. Any suggestions?
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