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Default HELP!!! Need a few questions answered about Windows XP

I recently purchased a new notebook just for the hell of it. It required a new router because the one I currently had was over 2 1/2 years old. I also own a very very very old Dell Dimension 8200 desktop that despite being 7 years old in one month works pretty good still. I paid for a lot of extras for it and didn't cheap it out when I purchased the Dell. I also spend a lot of time cleaning spyware off almost instantly and just other regular maintenance. Don't get me wrong...it really wasn't anything special in today's standards but to even have a computer last me 7 years....and a Dell at that...it was working pretty properly.

I used the new notebook to make sure the free 15 months of Trend Micro Internet Security were already installed on it. I then left it alone and moved onto my desktop in order to get the router installed & up and going. Everything went fine with that...I used the software, installed the router, & had myself back on the internet in less than 10 mins. I then proceeded to install Trend Micro Internet Security onto my desktop because the copy I received with the notebook allowed it to be added to 2 other computers as well. Everything went fine & I proceeded to restart my computer for all the effects to take place & as soon as I got to the login screen my computer froze. I disconnected power from it and tried it one more time; this time I was in the login screen, trying to login under my user account & once the password was entered & it appeared as if everything was all good it froze once again before ever even leaving the login screen. I tried a few more times & always ended up with freezes. One attempt I was able to get the desktop pulled up...I could see my background...but it froze again and parts of the taskbar were missing.

I've never encountered this problem before and I was wondering if someone knew what I could do to get my computer back up & running so I could at least attempt to run a system restore or something.

I still have my notebook and it works fine with the router. I'm pretty positive actually the router is not the issue here. Could it be Trend Micro Internet Security? If it is then I need to be able to get back into my system to run the restore point or uninstall the program.

I also know that I could possibly just run the recovery disk & restore the computer back to its original settings. I'm not actually worried about doing this & I am sort of leaning in that option because everything I need on the hard drive is backed up on a couple external hard drives. The only issue I have with doing this is that the computer is so old I no longer have the original dell keyboard and mouse that it came with. I now have a Microsoft Wireless Multimedia Keyboard 1.0A with a wireless mouse. It was purchased at least 5 years ago, If I try to reformat my computer with the recovery disk it came with....will I not be able to navigate around because I don't have the original keyboard & mouse or would XP already have the drivers installed for the Microsoft keyboard & mouse I've been using for the past 5 years. I've been told 2 different things....someone told me I wouldn't have any problems....and of course Dell told me I would & offered to sell me an excellent package for only $40....and considering I'll be using it once - to do this reformat I'd rather not waste my money with Dell.

I know this has been a lot. I would say if you have any questions please ask, but I'm pretty sure I covered them all. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I really wouldn't mind doing a reformat with the recovery disk so if someone could at least give me a straight answer on that I would be so very grateful.

Thanks friends!!

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Default Re: HELP!!! Need a few questions answered about Windows XP

Have you tried getting the computer to boot in safe mode?
If you can get it to boot in safe mode I would suggest trying to uninstall the trend micro internet security program. Restart the computer normally. If you still get the freeze please come back here.

If it works I would suggest you try looking for updates for all your drivers and look for any new windows updates. Then you can try to install the Program once more.

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Default Re: HELP!!! Need a few questions answered about Windows XP

I did try uninstalling Trend Micro Internet Security in safe mode & it would not allow me to. It said that I had an incorrect version of windows installer or something similar to that....which I know I did when I installed Trend. I also tried running a system restore when in safe mode another time and when I would go to click NEXT in order to start the system restore (after selecting the date you are going to restore to) it did nothing. It didn't freeze....it just did nothing.
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