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Default Guidance Needed

Good afternoon everyone.

As the title states I'm looking for some guidance.

I would like to create a website that is a homepage for my company but also has a login area for my clients where they would be able to access their documents that I've created for them, also my vision would be that once they accessssessements logged in then there could be other sections that they could use tools to build specific documents such accessssessements risk assessments, etc.

I'm a total Newby to this but it's something that I've wanted to do for a long time, I've got a keen interest in building databases, websites but need advice where to start.

People tell me to pay someone to do it buy it's something I'd like to learn myself.

Can you help me where to start?

I've got a vague understanding but really need a helping hand. I was thinking PHP but a lot of the asp.net.



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Default Re: Guidance Needed


Not sure what your time frame is for this website that you want to build. As it stands it doesn't sound like you have a tight time frame or deadline that you have to meet. As such I would recommend that you look into building a website with a content management system CMS for short. You have a lot of options here, but the big names in the game are Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla. You are probably accustomed to seeing them with blogs, but there is also a large group of people that use them to make static websites.

The reason that I recommend a CMS is that you are looking to have a client login which in and of itself isn't that hard to code or right, but with most CMS's they come with a number of plugins that you can add the functionality without having to code a single line. Another thing is that there are a ton of themes out there that you can use for your website, or you can use as a template and then build on them.

Lastly on the comment about your paying someone, as a web developer I can tell you that it takes a lot of time to make website that is functional and does exactly what the client wants. As long as you are willing to put in the time I don't see a reason why you can't do it yourself, but understand that you are at the bottom of a large hill and the only way to the top is up.
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