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Default Got my Google Cr-48 {Review}

I would almost consider this a hardware thread, but I'm going to try to keep it more about the OS than the laptop.

I got my Google Cr-48 earlier today, and ever since I first lifted the screen, I have absolutely loved it. Besides three things (explained below) I haven't had an annoying problem with it. The speed is unbelievable (If you haven't heard, 1.25 second boot time from sleep), it's lightweight and about the thickness of a macbook air, the battery life is pretty good (I had 6 hours at 90% battery), and it's free!

Now for the cons. The scroll is a little weird. It's not very smooth, and it doesn't fully work. You have to use two fingers to scroll (Which I like), but because of this, it kinda doesn't always work. Two, no Java support (yet). I know this will come out eventually, but I would like to play Minecraft on the go, and I can't so far. Three, no Silverlight. This is a common problem with linux distro's, so you have to go Moonlight. Moonlight isn't for ChromeOS yet, and even if it was, Moonlight doesn't currently have DRM, so no Netflix.

But in all honesty, if you need a computer made only for web browsing, there are two options. A tablet, or this. Personally I prefer the Cr-48 over any tablet (I have tried both the iPad and Galaxy Tab). With the Intel Atom processor, you get more processing power than any tablet can provide. With 2GB of DDR3 1333 RAM and a 16GB SSD, you get some unbelievable speeds. Sadly though, media playback is kinda bad, using Intel GMA you kinda expect it.

ChromeOS is still in beta. I am a beta tester. It feels just like a beta, though. Luckily they aren't releasing these until mid 2011, and at that time I hope they fix my main problems with it. I don't know how long I get to keep this thing, but I hope it's longer than what I'm thinking it's going to be. If you can, apply for the beta program. I can't recommend anything higher than this. Home - Chrome OS

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Default Re: Got my Google Cr-48 {Review}

SSD is cool, but 16GB?! Is it enough for you?
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