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Default General PC VS Macs.

Generally, we can see more use of PC as compare to the Macintosh. Moreover, many people have never bought a Mac because of it. So can anyone explain here what is it, which makes Macs so expensive.

Vicky Milza

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Default Re: General PC VS Macs.

Mostly Mac users are paying for the brand. Its like a BMW/Mercs Vs a random china car company, you can put the same engine under the hood, but the china car can never command as high a price point as the european's. Why? Branding, looks, marketing. What I'm saying is, people are just buying for the novelty of owning a mac.

I own a desktop PC for gaming(in my sig), a gaming laptop AND a Macbook pro and air for work and travel. I build my PC for 1.4k, while my macbook pro cost me damn near 2k.

Compared to Vista, OSX feels like a speeding train versus a bicycle. Win7 is so much better, but its still slower than OSX(trust me I know). So for the 50% of the people out there who aren't gamers, enthusiasts, any computers is good enough. What comes up is the price point.

Macs are for people who just need a computer for work, basic stuff and has the money to throw around. While you can claim its stupid, then ask any Mercs/BMW owners why pay a ridiculous premium.

1. Its not true you cant right click on a Mac, YOU CAN.
2. while 99% of viruses attack PC, and 1% mac, what is the ratio of PCs to Mac out there? Definitely more than 99:1. Hence the made-up invincibility of the OSX.

What I am saying is that both PCs and Macs are made for different markets.

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Default Re: General PC VS Macs.

What Mac users pay for:

aluminium cast unibody technology
MagSafe on laptops
LED LCD Displays
sub-3/4inch thickness in laptops, still sub 1 inch when closed.
a 13.3" portable notebook with a decent spec? ftw.
The Software is dirt cheap (25 for an OS X Snow leopard upgrade from OS X Leopard, compared to the several hundred that Windows costs.). gotta make your money somewhere.
The Computers are build, loaded with OS X, boxed and shipped in the same factory, there are no middle-men.

There is no definitive answer however. I wouldn't recommend a mac to someone who uses Office and nothing else, in the same way i wouldn't recommend a i7 980X build to someone who uses office and nothing else.

The computer should fit it's application. The main applications for Macs are in design. iWeb, iMovie, Final Cut Pro and Adobe.
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