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Default games not working

here is the problem i play a game and i get these weird lines throughout the game...its hard to explain so i posted some links at the bottom of the screen, the game i am testing this with is APB Here is a link to the games site

the recommended requirements are;
i couldnt find an exact list of requirements but he is a forum post from the APB site of requirements...


i get the same problem with every game i play..

my specs are as follows.

mobo-asus crosshair IV
CPU-AMd 965 quad core black edition running at stock speed of 3.4 ghz
video cardS- ati radeon HD 5770 (times 2 using crossefireX) this problem occurs when i dont use crossfirex as well.
soundcard is stock from mobo
monitor is a AOC 20" brand new bought it yesterday
running on 8gb of ram

i have switched between three different monitors to see if the monitor is the problem....it is not.

i am only using 1 monitor ATM in game...

i have 3 fans running at top speed no overheating at all, 2 120mm fans and a 90mm fan...plus heatsink fan for cpu...duh

i am using windows 7 home premium...i get this problem on every setting but low in game...my PC can handle so much more the a measly low setting....it is degrading

when i say low setting i mean minimal....

here are some links to videos of my game... the first one is me in meduim setting switching to minimal..this is unedited from the games quick capture thing so it is terrible quality idk why....

earlier someone suggested that one of my cards may be bad...i dont doubt this statement, but my entire system is brand new. Every part is out of the box retail 4 days old from frys electronics.




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Default Re: games not working

this problem occurs when i dont use crossfirex as well.
Does it occur with both cards when you try them separately without crossfire? If you get the same problem with both then chances are it's not the hardware (since the probability of 2 separate cards being bad in the same way is pretty low!)

I have seen similar problems with a bad card so it's entirely possible it is one of the cards that's to blame, new products can come faulty!

Beyond that, are you running the latest drivers?
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