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Default Fresh installation of Windows 2000...Yet it freezes randomly.

I have a Compaq Presario 4100CA that runs Windows 2000 on an 80GB hard drive. It used to have an 850MHz Celeron processor but now has an 800MHz Pentium III. It has 512MB of RAM. If it's of any help, the original bus speed of the machine is 100MHz because of the Celeron but with the Pentium III it's 133MHz...Could that possibly be the cause?

It's done this before - Yesterday, before I put in the 80GB hard drive, I had a 4GB hard drive installed with Windows 2000 as well. It would randomly freeze as well.

This kind of freezing is different - It randomly locks up. I can no longer move the mouse, it doesn't respond to the keyboard and if I press the power button it does nothing unless I hold it for 7 seconds until it shuts off.

I don't think the RAM is bad. I had 384MB of RAM (Two entirely different RAM modules) inside and it froze like that on that RAM. It's also not overheating. I checked SpeedFan and it showed only one sensor (HD0) or something like that and it was at 31 degrees Celsius. I can put my hand inside and it won't be very warm at all. I even took off the heatsink right after I unplugged it while it was running and the CPU was barely warm, so the heatsink and heatsink fan are doing their job.

I don't know what else to do. I can't really do anything without it freezing like this. It's driving me crazy! Please help!
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