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Default Feel like a Noob

Okay, so I would normally consider myself above average when it comes to computers (was like an xp wizard lol) but when I got a new computer with 7, I am having all sorts of issues that normally would be easy to solve....

I just got a new dell. Old computer was a Hp. So first question is... Do Dells suck ass?
Cause this ones been nothing but problems since the moment I got it... or is it Windows 7..

Been having processes hang up.. firefox almost always crashes if left open... and keep having process freeze up on me... especially ones java based...

I finally gave up on my abilities to do this on my own. I've used Registry Mechanic to fix my registry errors. But I'm still having issues. And now I can't even run "Check Disk" on my external hard drive. It'll open but soon as I actually run it on the hard drive it hangs up then closes itself... so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Default Re: Feel like a Noob

in my openion: yes DELL sux. DELL has a history of things that is unacceptable.
like thay made there own RAM type many years ago, you can only use DELL PSU's in DELL cases, there where the one creating the tarrable BTX motherboard standard and thay renamed the well known sucket LGA775 to sucket T. all this in order to force costumers to buy from dell when thay needed upgrade. i have allways hated DELL. i also dont like packet bell.
thay have crappy design and software.

-this is all my opinion based on some faqs. dont hate-

i think in your case it whould be software problems and not due to that it is a DELL computer. if a where you i will just reinstall the hole thing from scratch.
first time i installed windows 7 on my PC i had alot of BSOD's so i got sick of it and reinstalled the hole thing and now it works no problem.
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