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Default fed up with windows altogether

I recently upgraded to windows vista ultimate x64 and was happy with it at first. But the security measures are just too much. UAC was really annoying, and I immediately disabled that. But anything in the /windows folder basically I have no access to, even with me being the one and only system admin.

For example, I tried to change the startup sound (which is harder to do than in XP) and ran into some trouble. I used ResourceHacker to edit some dll files (imageres in particular), but could not save the new file with the replaced .wav file. The message was that I don't have permission, which is total BS IMHO. Anyway, I had to move the imageres.dll to my desktop, rename, and then save-as the original file name and movie it back into /system32 to get it to work. But now, I can't delete the original file still on my desktop because 'I don't have permission', so it's there forever. I am fed up.

These security problems are not even probably the problems many other people have with vista, and I really doubt they will be removed in 7. So I'm wanting to explore a new OS.

My questions are: How compatible are programs with, say, Ubuntu? Are there 64 bit versions of Linux distros? Will I run into any problems similar to these in Linux? What is a good distro to use that's not "basic" or "lite" (I am willing to learn)?

I just want a stable OS that can run things and won't hassle me...if said OS exists. I'm even considering a hackintosh. Feedback appreciated. Thanks!

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Default Re: fed up with windows altogether


Sorry to hear that you are having issues with Windows. However I am really happy that you are giving Linux a try.

I am going to answer you questions in reverse order. To start with there is no such thing as basic or lite version of linux. You get the whole thing and you make it what you will. Some people use it only minimally, others use it totally and entirely and give up windows for linux and don't look back. I am one of those people but you don't have to be. So the simple answer is no.

You shouldn't run into any problems with linux like what we all deal with in windows vista basic, etc. The one thing you might deal with is installing stuff while it is easy it isn't as easy as point and click on some programs but for the most part it is straight forward. That is another topic though and we can cover it at a different time.

You are looking at running Ubuntu, that is a great beginner distro. A lot of stuff is preset for you and they have a lot of wizards to help you set stuff up. There is both a 32bit and 64bit version of it. There has been a lot of good work done on the 64bit version so if you have a 64bit processor then that is a great route to go.

You said that you are willing to learn and that is great because you will be doing a lot of that in the beginning. Just remember that there are README files for a reason so read then and always be willing to ask questions, because I am around and so are a number of other here that will help you when you need it.


Linux Forever!

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Default Re: fed up with windows altogether

You might enjoy brousing around Distrowatch. There is a lot of information about Linux distributions and which are most popular. If you are willing to take the time to explore some of the Linux distributions you may find one that you really like. If you are like me you enjoy installing and exploring operating systems just for the fun of it. In which case Distrowatch is like the ultimate playground!

If you have a spare hard drive, you could remove your current hard disk and install the spare and never have to worry about goofing up your windows installation. Another alternative is the many "Live" distros that allow you to boot a Linux operating system from a CD or DVD without affecting your current hard drive. That way you don't need to change any hardware. I recommend Ubuntu as one to be sure and try. You ask about software compatible with Ubuntu, many programs come with the distro. There is software included for just about every common computer task, word processing, number crunching, photo editing, etc.
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