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Default Fat 32 - v fat 16

I run a 20Mb Fireball Drive upon an intel 810 celeron processor.
I was curious that if I made an active partition w/o disk access and only allowed DOS 7.10 locking features and the extended partition a 16 FAT with no Direct Disk Accerss and then a logical drive to which was also 16 bit-but with no doisk access-then a third one-but with 16 bit - If I made any other logcal drive 32 FAt could there be any reason of conflicty by the CPU and/or coprocessor in teh level of I/O and coprocessiong considerations be suspectable to hardware and/or conflicting issues such as GPFs due to the lack of a subsystem procedure-being the once omitted logical drives with the configuration claculations for a 16 FAT drive on a 16 bit partition both with and without direct disk access.?

I bring this up-as what if the transendaental error was merely architeurctual - and not de to malpractise on the part of Intel-what if the system is working on 16 bit real mode when it really is not.INTEL does not offer software service or support in most CPU sales[unless bundled in package part of a gaiurantee]and DOS does not guarantee full real 16 bit mode.
My understanding is that in compatability mode-the co-processor qwould be veribly awaree of the partition disdderntiations and conflcicts and assume a variable apth for its physically assumed existance and would do so thorugh I/O and corprocessing-but however - this is a real mode function and in compatability mode is fully incapable of conducting a 16 biut calculation and disk manifest w/o full 16 bit 8086 interaction- to which programs like fdisk and format have embedded as a subroutine to exit comaptability mode and re-enter protected mode.

My question is - is there any reason to assume conflict- and that the transcendaential errors may actually be user influenced and finally do you think that it is wise to use the FRANKE.387 coprocessor as a substituite- after DISK Lockign - if any is existanct and not before-as FRANKE actualyl rewrote the physical features of my HDD-and I lost 2.** odd Mb from my hardrive as unusable due to a bad crash-the HD is stioll good and so is teh systemn-it almost seems that sometimes the computer is acting on another level of intelligence-./

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Default Re: Fat 32 - v fat 16

The simple answer to your question (as far as I can see what you're talking about) is no.

There is no reason to assume that you can format a disk in such a way as to cause hardware conflicts.

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Default Re: Fat 32 - v fat 16

How the heck did you even get through that? I couldn't even understand what (s)he was talking about...
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Default Re: Fat 32 - v fat 16

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