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Default Electronic Ecosystems

I am obsessed with Electronic ecosystems, (Google, Apple, Microsoft) and I am curious to what would be best for who/what. Assuming someone had the money to get all this stuff what would you get? if you could only pick one choice below.

1: Microsoft

-$1200 Desktop Computer
-$1000 Surface Pro (or another Windows 8 ultra book)
-$600 Surface RT (or another windows RT tablet)
-$100 Windows Phone 8
-$180 Xbox 360

2: Apple

-$1200 iMac
-$1000 Macbook Air
-$600 iPad
-$200 iPhone 5
-$100 Apple TV

3: Google

-$250 Chromebook (maybe $1500 Chromebook Pixel?)
-$400 Nexus 10
-$200 Android Phone
-$??? Nexus Q (or another streaming device)

(this one is the most incomplete it seems =[

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Old 02-28-2013, 10:18 AM   #2
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Default Re: Electronic Ecosystems

it's different strokes for different folks. and purposes... looking at your system choices.

-$1200 Desktop Computer
-$1200 iMac
-$250 Chromebook (maybe $1500 Chromebook Pixel?)
I'd take the desktop, why? because a thousand dollar desktop would be kick ass, that's why, whilst a thousand dollar mac would just be standard. a 250 dollar chrome book is a toy.

-$1000 Surface Pro (or another Windows 8 ultra book)
-$1000 Macbook Air
again the windows machine is going to win, sure mac book airs are sweet, but a thousand dollar laptop is going to be sweeter...

-$600 Surface RT (or another windows RT tablet)
-$600 iPad
-$400 Nexus 10

it's got to be the ipad of the nexus, personally i just prefer the ipad, the surface rt is practically a joke, it's a sort of half windows, running on a completely different architecture so the apps that you know and love won't work. -which is a big problem, don't get me wrong I like MS products as much as the next person, in fact I work in computer support and get paid well for fixing things where ms products are rubbish. but if it weren't for the fact that the programs that we all know and love were compiled for and working on windows then we'd all be saving hundreds of dollars and using Linux instead! Surface RT desperately needs apps. and not just apps that MS decide to allow. it needs apps like there used to be for windows mobile, where you could just download and run from where-ever and everything was fine. not a solution that's mandatory ties to an app store.

-$100 Windows Phone 8
-$200 iPhone 5
-$200 Android Phone

an iphone. because it's awesome. or at least because I'm already invested with app purchases etc that I'd bring from my 4s to a 5...

there is no one eco system to rule them all.

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Default Re: Electronic Ecosystems

Lol in option 1 why would you need 2 tablets? And I can guarantee, there is little reason why someone with a $1200 desktop would want an Xbox 360. Other than a few console only games like asuras wrath, the pc would DESTROY the 360.
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Default Re: Electronic Ecosystems

$1200 desktop. I have $1351.00usd invested in mine so far. I already have a killer G7 laptop so a kick ass desktop was the next logical addition.
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Old 03-01-2013, 12:47 AM   #5
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Default Re: Electronic Ecosystems

For me, I tend to have the following at any given time:
  • Desktop, running Windows for games
  • Server, running Linux
  • Notebook, OS doesn't matter (for now: Linux)
  • Smartphone, OS doesn't matter (for now: iOS)
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Default Re: Electronic Ecosystems

Mine is:
Desktop w/Windows
Desktop w/Windows for Media Center PC
Tablet - iPad2
Phone - iPhone 4S

Between these devices I can do everything I need to. There has only been 1 time when I was not able to do something on my iPad because it was a flash thing. No need for a laptop for me.

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