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Default Re: The Edge Browser:Why Bother?

Microsoft themselves have already confirmed that the update will be released in July.

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Default Re: The Edge Browser:Why Bother?

Originally Posted by aHumanError View Post
However small the usage percentage looks remember that in the grand scheme of things that's still a lot of people who use it.

You have to consider a few things here.

1. Consider if Windows did not come with any browser whatsoever. How would you get chrome? (or whatever browser you prefer... I realize there are ways, but for the average user, how would they get a browser?)

2. If I remember the percentage in this thread correctly of being 5% usage, that's still around the population of the United States! (Considering world population +/- non computer users). That's enough user data to sell and make profit off of to justify development for.

3. It does have it's uses. I use a few different browsers. Chrome variants, but schooling websites (although done now) always worked best in IE as some companies developed against the IE platform. For some reason, educational institutions were among them.

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