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Default Dos Questions

1. In DOS, there are internal commands that are processed by COMMAND.COM. Which applies? a) Format b) CHKDSK c)Scandisk d)Help com
2. Which represents the correct processing sequence to complete the startup of a DOS Operating System:


d)None of the above
3. What command only displays s disk’s volume label?a) Label /add b)Vol /add c) Vol d)Label
4. The binary number system? a)Multiplies all numbers by two
b)Is another name for the digital system c)Uses combinations of zero and one to represent all numbers

d)All of the above
5. When the RESET button is pressed the computer will? a)Restart all active programs
b)Restore memory content c)Re-boot cold
d)None of the above
6. Computer Multimedia is? a)Information in text form
b)Information in sound form c)Information in image form
d)A combination of two or more of the above
7. When should you not wear an anti-static strap? a)Replacing a CPU
b)Working on a CRT c)Replacing RAM
d)Working on a system board
8. Which file executes commands in DOS? a)MS-DOS.SYS b)CONFIG.SYS c)COMMAND.COM d)SYSTEM.INI
9. The BIOS software resides in which of the following? a)The main memory b)ROM c)Extended memory d)CMOS
10. The Central Processing Unit (CPU): a)Stores the system configuration information
b)Processes program instructions c)Is another term for motherboard
d)Supplies power to the system board
11. Which of the following is the FIRST step when installing a hard drive in a system? a)Format DOS partition
b)Configure DMA channel and back-up interrupt c)Install Operating System
d)Partition hard disk
12. Missing slot plates in the system case could cause? a)EMI radiation
b)The system to run too hot c)The system to run too cold
d)It has no effect
13. Which of the following most likely causes a CPU overheating problem? a)A power supply fan failure
b)CPU fan failure c)A power supply providing too much voltage
d)Too many hardware devices drawing power
14. How many IDE hard drives can you have on a system? a)4 b)1 c)3 d)2
15. Opening a power supply to repair it is a)Dumb, it would be easier to just replace the entire component
b)Difficult due to the fact that power supplies are welded together c)Dangerous, especially if left plugged into the AC
d)An easy task, there are so few components,
it is easy to repair

Please answer the following questions with a True or False answer.
16. Tower type computer are categorized as Full, Mid and Mini Towers. True False
17. The personal computer was introduced by IBM in the year 1965. True False
18. Alt-Cntl-Del causes the system to perform a Cold Boot. True False
19. The print from a dot-matrix printer is light and uneven. this is most likely caused by a worn ribbon. True False
20. Personal Computers use a total of 4 serial ports. True False
21. A data error on logical drive C: will affect the operation of logical drive D. True False

22. Computer viruses are spread throughout the system by the hardware
True False
23. The PC supports 3 ˝ inch floppy drives sizes of 710 and 1.44. True False

24. The new Millennium (ME) operating system is the latest available for PCs today.
True False
25. When cleaning a key board, you should not use compressed air. True False

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Default Re: Dos Questions

Dude, no one is going to do your homework for you here...

But I'm trying, Ringo. I'm trying real hard... to be the Shepherd.
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Default Re: Dos Questions

^ And I was just going to post mine too!
Me: You'd think as the dominant species we wouldn't be so effing stupid.
J: We're just intelligent enough to be completely effing stupid.
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