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Default Re: Which CPU Temp Software To Trust?

It appears that your bios is blocking getting the core by core temps. I use coretemp on my Intel chip and motherboard. On mine it shows this compared to HWMonitor running at the same time to get this screen dump.

Having checks temps in the bios and comparing them to the software temp programs, I find that CoreTemp is right on the button while HWMonitor is off a bit.

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Default Re: Which CPU Temp Software To Trust?

Originally Posted by datkins91 View Post
Hey.. bit of an update here.

I decided to test my system out with a game.. that being Thief.

The game is actually pretty demanding!

Check out these temps after running the game for a couple of hours... on absolute max settings, resolution: 1920 x 1080

It seems the max temp my CPU core hit was molten lava temps which is quite hilarious... I think the max for the GPU was very good .. but seems to the CPU socket got up to 77!

However, nothing happened to my computer at all.. all kept running just fine!
Yeah, the temperature given by AMD is simply a temperature to ensure maximum lifespan. Realistically, it can actually hit slightly higher temps (I have personally hit higher temps multiple times without a problem)

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