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Wizard of Wires
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Default Re: Could i make my own.....

Lunar Times
October 19, 2035 19:50 LLT (local lunar time)
Setishock Clone #5 reporting

Child prodigy writes what is considered to be the alternate to Windows. Apple and Microsoft in an unprecedented move not seen in over 50 years of dog eat dog competition joined forces to take the young genius to court citing copyright infringement.
The child, a product of genetic engineering, is being hailed as the saviour of the modern computer user. Until now users have been forced to used either Snow Leopard XXXII or Windows 25. The last time these two computer giants joined forces was to squash the open source movement. It has since been rumored the movement has gone underground. That can not be confirmed.
The child's legal guardian has secured the law firm of Spike, Valentine, Jet, and Ed. In their opening move the firm has petitioned the court for a change of venue to the high court of the Lunar Tribunal. That, if approved, would cost both software companies large sums incurred in transporting their legal staffs to the Lunar Badlands.
Too early to call it. Looks like it's going to be a long and loud fight.
Good luck kid!

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Daemon Poster
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Default Re: Could i make my own.....

Clever, and well written Seti!

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In Runtime
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Default Re: Could i make my own.....

Originally Posted by Hameister View Post
Won't you guys feel stupid if rowcon123, turns out to be a 12 year old genius who actually develops the next greatest OS, ha!
Yup rowcon123, it can be done!
Don't let anyone or anything stop you.

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Default Re: Could i make my own.....

It is a shame people cannot show encouragement, just because you cannot do some things means others cannot.

Too many knockers here.

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