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Default COOL screenshots and Linux update

some background first... I put a thread up a while back looking for some advice on how to pick what linux i should try out. Like most newbies out there i figured it was a complicated process and I had to pick the right one first to save some effort. Well running/testing linux isnt a hard thing to do, I downloaded puppy linux (LightHouse Pup) and lubuntu(most current).
I didnt spend much time with lubuntu, puppy had way more preinstalled packages to play with off the get go. I installed LHP to full, which i later learned i didnt have to do, however its a single boot system and I like it all on my HDD. Im sure once I figured this out a lil more ill end up running it frugal, but for the time being its on and it works.
(Please bear in mind, I dont even know how to operate dos, the command line, hell i can barely install a program with windows install shield.)
I installed grub bootloader, didnt like having to select an option and hit enter before the system would boot. So I was a little unsettled with that, and I went in search of something not knowing what i was looking for other than it had to to with "GRUB". I came across the "menu.lst" file which had some stuff in it i had seen at boot. This must be the one Im looking for, I backed up a copy to USB and started hacking it up.
After LOTS (3.5 hours) of edit, boot, reboot w/livecd, recover default settings, reboot FULL, edit, reboot, save changes that worked (on and on you get the point) I end up with an 11 line bootconfig (down from 62 lines). Reboot one final time and BAM! bootup autoloads! Sweet (Note to self- "timeout 0" NOT "#timeout 0")

So now Ive got it booting up the way i like, time to got it looking the way I want...Found myself a nice flaming skull picture, open gimp and make it into a background. Sweet this is lookin better. Cant find a theme I like, but find "jwmThemeMaker" and manage to make my own. Now this is looking pretty badass. Wbar just looks too out of place, but I want to keep it. Hmmm I wonder if I can find all the images Wbar uses. I found them all, opened them up in GImP, backed them up and started manipulating them. After 5 hours I manage to get things the way I want after many different evolutions and copies and toying with the Wbar settings. Im just loving it now and am completely impressed with myself.

Ive got the task bar on auto hide and the Wbar dissappears as well, The logos are like a translucent red and I edited the wbar backbar to match the theme and wrote "LINUX" in it. The Wbar logos are a see thru overlay ontop of this linux bar and it all auto-hides (super stealth). This was my first time taking on anything like this so for those who are sitting there going 'woopty doo' lol give me a break.

Here are the pics...thankfully the resize hides some of my weak GImP skills. Enjoy!

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