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Default Computer stopped connecting to the internet - help!

I am using a Sony Vaio laptop, operating with Vista Home Premium and service pack 1 installed. Until 2 months or so ago every time I turned on my computer it (like most other computers) would automatically pick up the local internet signal (wireless connection). Then suddenly my laptop stopped automatically connecting. There is nothing I can think of at the time in the way of changes which I did that may have caused this problem. Now when I start up my laptop the two monitors in the Tray (lower right hand corner of the screen) have a red X over them. When you click on them the window that opens up says it cannot find any wireless networks to connect to. Going to the Network and Sharing Center is of no help. It does not indicate the presence of any wireless networks.
This is what I currently have to do to connect: I go to the Device Manager, expand the Network Adapters. Disable (sometimes I have to Uninstall altogether) the Intel(R) Wireless WiFiLink 4965AGN adapter. Then I click on Action (at the top) and Scan for Hardware Changes. After the system detects and re-installs (re-enables) the Intel adapter, I then have to go back to the Tray and click on the Monitors.
Then the system tells me it has detected the wireless signal and asks if I want to connect. After selecting the signal the system asks if I want to automatically reconnect at start up to which I always answer yes. Unfortunately it makes no difference - I have to go through this whole rigamarole every time I start up my laptop. I updated the software driver for the Intel adapter in the hope that this would solve the problem but unfortunately the problem persists. I even resorted to contacting two supposedly expert consultants for hire neither of whom could solve this issue.

Obviously there is some setting somewhere that is not getting turned on or perhaps something is interfering with my selection of the automatic reconnection at startup. Anyone have a clue as to what the setting is and how to go about turning it “on”?

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Default Re: Computer stopped connecting to the internet - help!

Ideally this should work but I have never used vista so I really don't understand why is this happening.

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Default Re: Computer stopped connecting to the internet - help!

If instead of going through the steps that you are going through now, and you try to use something that requires Internet connection. Fire up your favourite browser and read a blog, for example. Would it, then, attempt to connect to the Internet by itself?

Also, have you setup a default connection and have it connect always?
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Default Re: Computer stopped connecting to the internet - help!

If you have setup a default connection then it sounds to me your network card maybe going bad! Reason I say that is if it was working ,and you did not install any new drivers other then having to reinstall drivers to get your connection to work then sounds like a network card going bad. I had a Lenovo g570 that did that, and replacing the card helped. If you are not comfortable opening up your computer you may want to get a wifi dongle of some sort. Do you have anything else connected to wifi?
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