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Default Computer reboot and black screen

I'm hoping I'm posting in the right place. I am new to this forum.

A few days ago I turned on my HP Pavillion dv6449us laptop, and all the lights on the keyboard, and the power light came on, but I had a black screen (the monitor never came on).

I played around with a little bit and found that if I hit F8 when I pressed the power button it would let me start up in safe mode (sometimes). I talked to HP (which weren't much help because my warranty ran out 2 months ago on a 14 month old computer!!!!) He did help me get into my Bios (which I could have done myself)

I eventually got the computer to boot up without hitting the F8 button but my screen was messed up. You could see Windows Vista starting up but there were about a million lines crossing the screen (which led me to believe there was something wrong with my video card). I started back up in F8 mode and uninstalled my NVidia graphics card and restarted so it installed the standard VGA driver. (I found this as a solution online).

I started up the computer and again got the black screen but the LED's lit up. I noticed that my hard drive only blinked twice before nothing else happened. After a few seconds the computer rebooted itself. This was continual. I just let it continue to reboot (wanting to see if anything would happen) and it eventually started up on it's own.

If I restart the computer (after I got in ok once) I was back to the black screen.

I have reseated the memory, hard drive and video card and put them back in. I took out the battery and unplugged the cable and drained the internal power. I plugged it back in, with no luck. I have reformatted, leaving me to believe this is not a software problem.

I'm out of options, but I really don't want to pay a lot to get it fixed, but I also don't want to buy another computer, I just bought it 14 months ago.

A little info about the computer:

HP Pavillion dv6449us (AMD Turion 64x2)
Windows Vista Home Premium
2 GB Ram
Nvidia GeForce6150

Thanks in advance for the help. I hope someone can help me fix this...


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Default Re: Computer reboot and black screen

Besides a possible hardware you could need to simply replace the battery on the board. If that grew weak prematurely as they do often you will start seeing problems booting up as well as sudden unexpected restarts while in the middle of something. The battery maintains the cmos information.

For finding out if this is hardware related simply reseating items like memory won't tell you if a dimm is faulty. Try running a good memory tool like memtest to see if you are seeing a problem with the memory installed.

The distortion with lines could very well be the card without explaination for the constant rebooting. Generally an audio alert or visual error will be seen for a bad card like one long and two short beeps.

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Default Re: Computer reboot and black screen

bad luck man^

i think you have done all the things i wanted to suggest you

i never get in this bad condition

hope your screen can recover soon
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