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Default Computer Problems (help)

Ok so lately I've run into a couple problems I've been having with my computer. Two problems actually. Both very annoying.

Now, mind you, these problems have only come up in about the last week or so. I moved about a week ago also. The internet speed I had before I moved was 12 mb/s and the speed I have now is 20 mb/s.


Its not a problem with my computer specs, because everything was working perfectly since I got my computer about two months ago. Problems have only been in the past week.

While streaming videos from Hulu:
While in the regular screen - video runs fine.
While in full screen - the video is fine for about 60 seconds or so, then it starts to lag to about 8 FPS or so. All I have to do to fix it is press a button or move the mouse around for a second, and its back up to normal. (I encounter this problem no matter what quality the video is played in, whether high or low. The effect is the same)

While streaming Netflix, I never have any issues. (On any quality)

Now for the next issue:

Skyrim FPS Problems
Almost identical issue to above Hulu FPS problems:

On Ultra High quality with default Nvidia settings:
average of 30 fps, play for a minute or two, drops and hovers around 12 fps until I press the tilde (~) key to bring up the command console. I press the tilde button again and it goes away and the FPS shoot back up to 30.

On Medium Quality with default Nvidia settings
anywhere from 50-60 fps on average, play for a few minutes, drops to about 18-20 until I perform the same procedure as listed directly above.

For both quality levels, i have tried tweaking the Nvidia settings for the game for all "prefer maximum performance" and things like that, with almost no effect on the game.

For skyrim mods, I do have some installed, all of which I had no problems with, I've only tried possibly deactivating certain mods that i think might help the general FPS, but the issue is still there.

I've tried everything i can think of to fix these problems but am at a loss at this time. I'm just a computer enthusiast and have not taken any computer classes yet (starting in the spring) so everything I know I have basically taught myself or googled everything, so I mostly just know basic things. I can't really get my fingers dirty with computer things right now.

low FPS on AC3 despite quality, averaging about 18 on every quality with default nvidia settings.
Low FPS in Hitman: Absolution with any quality level. Averaging about 14 FPS on medium quality, 24 FPS on lowest quality.
Will try BF3 tomorrow.
On each of these games my FPS is usually double that for each quality.
All games were working fine about 4 days ago, and I have not downloaded anything new that would effect them that i know of.

For both, I have gone into my processes and ordered them from highest to lowest and ended any unnecessary ones for gaming/watching videos (i.e. windows sidebar, chrome etc.

If anybody has any ideas or advice as to anything I can try to fix these issues, that would be very helpful.
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