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Default Clonezilla is my new best friend

So I decided to upgrade the hard drive in my new netbook. I didn't want to reinstall the OS so I decided that I wanted to clone the drive and resize the partitions. So I did a little research and came up with an easy to use and fast solution.

Downloaded and burned a Clonezilla live CD. I also downloaded and burned a GParted live CD.

I plugged the "old" 250gb and "new" 500gb hard drives into my desktop and unplugged my other hard drives just to be safe. I booted Clonezilla, followed the easy to use guide. Selected my source disk, then selected my target disk, then initiate the clone command. This went relatively fast since it's 3gbs SATA and not a whole lot of data to transfer.

Next I rebooted my PC and this time booted up my GParted live CD. This was necessary to resize and clean up my partitions. First I wanted to delete a bogus partition that was in the drive. I don't know why Samsung made separate partitions for Windows and storage but I deleted the storage partition that had nothing on it since I always used the Windows partition. The next step was to expand my Windows partition to fill up the empty space left over. Applied the changes and it went to work and finished in minutes. Shut down my PC and removed the 500gb hard drive.

Now I was ready to test my 500gb hard drive in my netbook. Plugged it in, booted up. Windows wanted to scan my disk for errors so I allowed it to complete. Finished and rebooted and everything worked perfect. So I went ahead and put my netbook back together and it was booted up and ready for use.

This was just one quick solution I found that worked great for me. There are many other ways of doing this but this worked best for me and I was able to get it done relatively fast. This method may not work for everybody, there is always a risk when messing around with partitions. I still have my original 250gb source hard drive with the original partitions as a back up just in case I have problems with the 500gb hard drive.
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