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Default Changing Taskbar appearance

I was wondering if it's possible to change the look of my task bar? Such as how the default icons look (eg. the volume control, wireless signal strength and the start menu button) I already changed the start menu button, but I had to use a program, is it possible to do it without a program? Please respond, either with links on how to do this or explanations here, either works

P.S I put this in the hacking thread because i assumed that changing the appearance of windows classifies as hacking it, i may be wrong though.

Thanks everyone!

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Default Re: Changing Taskbar appearance

My friend, next time Google first b4 asking!

Anyway: Google

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Default Re: Changing Taskbar appearance

Originally Posted by Bolino View Post
My friend, next time Google first b4 asking!

Anyway: Google
People typically Google, then post in forums. Also, which of those search results displays an answer to this specific question?


As far as changing the way the icons appear on the taskbar, I have only been able to accomplish such with additional 3rd party software. Rainmeter is a popular solution. There are also "Transformation Packs" for Windows 7, but they mainly change your UI to Mac OS or Windows 8. Yamicsoft's Win 7 Manager software allows you to change some system icons, but I don't think you can do anything with the Taskbar.

There is a very cool Transformation pack that makes Windows look like Ubuntu (Gnome GUI) here.
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Default Re: Changing Taskbar appearance

Originally Posted by Bolino View Post
My friend, next time Google first b4 asking!

Anyway: Google

That is what this forum is for mate, to ask computer questions and get answers.
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Default Re: Changing Taskbar appearance


I think what he is asking, is how to change the icons themselves. In my case, I have my wlan icon that doesn't help me much. I am color-deficient (color blind) and the signal strength is hard to tell, at a glance. I would like to simply change the color of the signal bars to more contrasting colors. The appearance menus in WIN7 doesn't allow for that.

Any clues?
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Default Re: Changing Taskbar appearance

Please start your own thread. This one is 2 months old.


Actually it's even older as the OP was 4 months ago.

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