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Default Re: Can't login at the Yahoo! jungle...

Oh no, Dale, you are not confusing the situation, it’s I who are confused because I simply don’t understand the Yahoo site. Of course not having gone there for years, as one Yahoo answer said: “if I don’t find them they may have been deleted in my ‘absence’”...How very kind of you to take the trouble to open up your old Yahoo! Groups account to find what makes it tick! lol! I’ll try the export/import function even if it’s broken.

I did find one of my groups but couldn’t open it because Yahoo is causing me additional problems now: when I click the “Facebook” button (which worked well 2 days ago) to log in, it shows each time:

“IE has stopped working” and “
Sorry, there was an error. Please sign in again with the same account or a different one.
I did that and....I got the same error each time I tried. Always appearing together!

I tried to log in to listhelp.com but their login is just as twisted as Yahoo’s plus the “error” interruptions didn’t help either!!!

If I ever get to find the groups, then I won’t mind inviting them one by one....

I don’t know how to thank you for all your efforts to help!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Adela

P.S. I just got another answer from a Yahoo person that he found my groups and some hopes (so I'll get busy with your advice and his as soon as I return from an appointment). I copy the answer below in case you are interested and/or someone else gets stuck with a similar problem...:

From: shalf

The groups still exist (see links below).

If you don't see them on your My Groups page that may be because you created them using a different Yahoo account. If this is the case your best bet is to try and regain access to that account, if you can remember the ID.

If you can't do that, do you still receive group messages by email? If so you can move your memberships (including owner status) to your new Yahoo account.



"How to move your group memberships to another Yahoo! ID"

Any groups that don't show on the My Groups page can be moved onto that page using the "Don't see all your groups?" link at the bottom of the page.

My Groups

"Subscribed to a Yahoo! group, but unable to access web features"

I wanted to answer these people with thanks...but Yahoo didn’t provide where to reply. So I dared going into their profiles but....couldn’t log in... Incredible!!! (I haven't been receiving group emails, so I presume they are dead (the groups I mean))... lol!

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Default Re: Can't login at the Yahoo! jungle...

His advice seems right. Let us know how it goes!

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