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Default Can someone explain this?

My HP Mini 1020NR (Intel Atom 1.60 Ghz processor, 1 GB RAM, 16 GB SSD, Win 7 RC) has been running a bit sluggish recently so I crank up the task manager and start looking at the processes and general performance and I'm surprised by what I see: Physical memory usage history right around 650MB...erratic (to say the least...screen caps to come...) CPU usage. Switch over to the processes screen...see Windows Explorer taking up almost 20,000K!? I mean...really! And I've been told 7 is LIGHTER than XP...sure fooling me! Even my beloved browser, Google Chrome is taking up almost 48,000K just as I type this! What's goin on here!?

Why is it that I can turn the computer on, let everything load and see nearly 650MB (over half!) of my RAM used up yet I'm doing NOTHING!? I don't understand. I don't even use Windows for much. I dual-boot this with Ubuntu Netbook Remix (I was amazed that they both fit on the tiny 16GB SSD but they did...even though the Windows install was over 7GB! FYI, the Netbook Remix was not even 700 MB...) and really only use Windows to play WoW with my wife. So I don't have tons of stuff installed on here, tons of things running in the background, etc.

Anyone have any ideas how I can clean this up?

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Default Re: Can someone explain this?

Try running msconfig and looking at the startup tab to see what is being started at boot. You might be able to trim some fat there. Also try running CCleaner. It does a pretty good job of cleaning up the registry as well as your hard drives.
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