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Default boot partition

This computer currently has windows 7 on it. What would you like to do?

1. Install Linux mint alongside windows 7
Document, music, and other personal files will be kept. You can choose which operating system you want each time the computer starts up.

2. Replace windows 7 with linux mint
warning: this will delet all of your windows 7 programs, documents, photos, music and any other files.

3. (these options are greyed out because of the other installations of windows operating systems
Encrypt the new linux mint installation for security
You will choose a security key in the next step

4. Use LVM with the new linux mint installation
This will set up logical volume management. it allows taking snapshots and easier partition resizing
5. Something else
You can create or resize partitions yourself, or choose multiple partitions for linux mint.

I got step one to work the 1st time I tried it. Then I installed Windows 10 teck preview and I installed Linux mint and it doesn't give me the option to boot into windows.

Then I couldn't repair my windows. The only way I recovered them was to install a whole new w7.

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Default Re: boot partition

Usually I would be ready for somthing like this, but I cannot seem to reproduce your trouble in a VM. It works perfectly for me.

Perhaps someone else will see this and have other ideas.
Will have a youtube channel up soon. Link will be here if I remember.
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