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Default audio problem with DVD player


I've got a DVD-RW drive that seems to be malfunctioning. The computer is a Compaq Presario R4000 notebook running Windows XP. The problem has to do with the audio. Whenever I put DVDs in, the audio comes out really choppy - and by that I mean it will output sound for maybe a fraction of a second followed by a fraction of a second of silence followed by sound again followed by silence again and so on. It's almost as if it was running too many applications at once (but it's not).

I've tested this on multiple DVDs and gotten the same problem. I tried the same DVDs on other computers and got no problem. I've also tried shutting my computer down, giving it time to cool, and rebooting, but this didn't help.

I wanted to record the sound and make it available as a link or upload in this post, but even that wouldn't work. For some reason, my sound recorded doesn't record when the DVD is playing. It creates an MP3 of 0 KB no matter how long I let it run. If I try to record sound from other sources (for example, a youtube video), or even silence when nothing is running, it records normally creating files of varying sizes.

I suspect that the sound recorder first detects if there are any audio channels open and if there are (even if no sound is streaming through them), it records. But for some reason (and I think this has something to do with the problem), when the DVD player is running, it shuts down all channels and (maybe) is supposed to open one for itself but fails to do so. The recorder, detecting no channel open, simply doesn't record.

I tried downloading and reinstalling my sound driver from compaq's website, and it didn't do anything. Next, I tried searching for a DVD-RW drive driver and couldn't find one on compaq's website.

Does anyone know where I can find the right driver for the DVD-RW driver on my compaq presario R4000 notebook computer? Or, alternatively, do you have any suggestions for what might be the problem and how to fix it?


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Default Re: audio problem with DVD player

Reload the system. the CPU is more than powerful enough for the task you want to do (I used to do it on identical specs) but if it's having this kind of problem in XP, it's time to either give the system a good once over, or, easier than that, just reload the OS.

You can try to clear out the startup items in MSCONFIG (Start > Run > type msconfig and click OK, then click the startup tab and deselect EVERYTHING then reboot)

But chances are that won't help and a reload will give you the performance you need in the end.
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