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Default Any FFMPEG users?

Not sure if anyone here has used ffmeg before. Basically I have a media library with multiple subfolders that I occasionally dump MKV files into.

I would like to automate the process of converting any MKVs into MP4. My hope is to use an FFMPEG command in a batch file and schedule that to run periodically.

Has anyone used FFMPEG and know if this will work for me?

thanks all.

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Default Re: Any FFMPEG users?

If you have your MKV files in one folder and the output routed to another folder then a batch run would be fairly straight forward. Problem is doing that way you don't know how the output files is going to look nor is there any settings you can adjust to "tweak" the output file. Plus you have to make sure you clean out the input folder after a run.

I use GomLabs Video convertor. It can run just about any format. The free version plasters a watermark on the output file. The license ran me 20 dollars. An add on would be to get the CCCP codec package and install that before installing the Gom convertor software so it can find it and make use of it.
Just select the files you want to batch and tell it where to output them. You then tell it to run at max. The upside of the Gom convertor is you can tweak the output format. Brightness, contrast, aspect ratio, and so on. It's a neat program. Get GomPlayer also. It's free and will play just about anything you can stuff in it.

The price of a license has gone up to $34.95usd. Still worth it.

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Default Re: Any FFMPEG users?

What I've ended up doing is setting up a bat file calls ffmpeg. It will run ffmpeg on any mkv in my folders, and remux those to MP4. Then it runs run a command that deletes any MKV files, leaving only the remuxed MP4s.

There are some problems with this, one being that if ffmpeg fails a remux, the original still gets deleted. And Occasionally a remux isn't sufficient and I need a full reencode, but ffmpeg doesn't know this. But it works fine for now.

thanks for the input.
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