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Default Social media marketing / Small business advertising?

Hey guys, just found this random text on the nets:

Personalized notepads, promotional notepads or custom printed notepads can be a great way to market your small business, restaurant, or start-up organization. Custom printed notepads with your business logo can easily make your business or organization a household name by spreading recognition among customers. Don’t just place your logo on your personalized notepads though. Remember to include other aspects, such as address, phone number, email address or even your personal business motto on your promotional notepads. Placing all of this useful information on your custom printed notepads can give you an advantage over your competition by giving your potential customers all the necessary contact information in one convenient place.

Promotional notepads can be given away to potential patrons at networking functions, trade shows, as special gift items or sent in the mail with advertisements. By placing your business logo and information on personalized notepads, people will read your information each time they use them. Additionally, any time someone jots down a note for another person on one of these custom printed notepads, that person will also read your business information. Soon, your small business or organization will become widely recognized as a result of marketing and advertising strategies with promotional notepads, personalized notepads and custom printed notepads.
found here: http://www.printsafari.com/us_en/notepads

Now, albeit it's just some random marketing text, I thought about it a little bit more seriously... As I'm running a small start up firm centralized around selling spare parts for Japanese cars, I thought about these things. Both for corporate identity issues and "give-aways" for customers. Well, in the End my humble question is, is there anyone else here running a businnes, or has experience with this type of stuff? Not that I hesitate to consider choosing the course for my business on my own, it's just that I like to hear different strokes..

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I used to manage a few social media sites for a large corporation. Their basic practice was to first, have a presence everywhere you can. Second, stack the cards in your favor when things are public. Advertise publicly, solve problems privately in hopes that the satisfactory resolution becomes public, but not the details. For example: Customer comes in saying "You suck because xyz" Simply respond with "We'd like to make it better, contact us by way of bla bla bla" and do whatever you can to win that customer back. If they post back on your twitter/facebook that you rock, mission accomplished. If they post details, you don't want that kind of advert being made public as everyone will expect the same treatment. The only bad thing about having a social presence is that you almost need it to be monitored 24/7 because you're handing advertisement abilities over to your customers and random posters. Positive and negative adverts. If you're large enough that you have staff you can have check the social media sites at least every hour or two, then go for it. Make sure though that you're not just giving any ol' employee the ability the represent your company on Twitter for example. Terribly articulated responses make your entire business look bad. You're going to need to spend some time in preparing standard practices or policies regarding how you want the sites to run.

That's all I got for now, let me know if you have any more questions.

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Default Re: Social media marketing / Small business advertising?

You should definitely think it through before you go for it.
Check if you made all the important decisions regarding social media (marketing) before you actually set up the accounts, or publish them.
Do you want do just advertise (your site) on facebook or can customers actually contact you on facebook? Will you answer specific questions (with the potential harm of things getting ugly on your facebook "advertisment" page) or redirect people to another communication method?
Another point already meantioned by the last poster: Do you actually have the time / resources to cover these pages (or how many)?

Make sure you got these kind of questions sorted out and then when you are ready, go for it. Social media definitely offers great opportunities especially for small businesses.
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Default effective business communication

Communication was the basic process behind establishment of relationships since the beginning and now-a-days used as a major step to maintain and repair them.

For more information related to this please visit:
effective business communication and speaklikeaceoapp.com
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