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Old 11-27-2004, 10:38 PM   #1
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Default SBC Yahoo

I need help with comments/exp. or whatever i can get on this dial-up provider. Am i even in the right topic for posting this?

My neighbor has SBC Yahoo dial-up as a provider, xp home, and norton. I have already reformatted his computer twice since he got it this year. Mainly becuase of all the viruses he keeps getting. I've even used a couple of spam killers and other antivirus programs. I was getting tired of having to help him get rid of everything because he would get all that crap back on his computer. I thought it was all the web sites he goes to , but he hardly does anything and I just recently formatted his computer and only installed the necessaries and only went to update his computer(downloading sp2 and whatever). No one has been anywhere but windows update on his computer and there are at least five viruses, and about 2 or 3 exe's running that I could find any info on.

Could it be the service provider?

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Default Re: SBC Yahoo

I think that if it was the ISP, there would probably be a world wide riot, especially if that ISP was Yahoo. So no, I doubt very much it's the ISP using virii. Is the XP Home disk you're using legit? It sounds to me like the viruses being installed are from one of the programs that are being put on there from the start - if the disk is a copy that he download/got, that could be the problem.

If not, then I suggest reformatting, installing XP, and then using the Norton as a boot disk to clean any infections before you boot up (to do this, simple start up the comp with the Norton disk inserted, and continue from there). Other than that, download programs like Ad-Aware and Spybot Search and Destroy, both good for cleaning any little programs that shouldn't be there. Also - always update Norton too - if the Norton isn't up to date, then it can't keep you protected from new virus and trojan threats.

Hope this helps.

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Default Re: SBC Yahoo

Yah, and i know that when you do download SP2, you must have a good anti-virus running on your comp.

Don't alwway's rely on the free anti-virus's, now i know that alot of people use AVG.

That's all fine & good, but if you want the best protection, spend the little extra $, and go w/a good name everyone knows well.

Slayer is correct, allway's update your Anti-virus definitions, do a manual update once in awhile, to make shure the auto update , has'nt been disabled.
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