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Cool How to record skype using PowerGramo – A brief guide

Skype has become a widely used VoIP solution either for personal or business purpose. It presents perfect audio quality and charges a much lower fee than other alternatives.

With growing of the user base, more and more people are missing recording skype calls. It should be a trivial task if skype could provide that function. But unfortunately skype has not yet planned to save an audio file internally. One needs to fall back on a third party program to do that. Not bad, there are a bundle of recording programs available. PowerGramo is one of them, which I have been using for years.

Here I’d like to present some basic aspects of how to record a skype call using PowerGramo. Actually usage of the program is straightforward. If you are more or less expert at software, you can just skip the following paragraphs and start using it directly. Download the program here: http://www.powergramo.com .

1. General daily recording. Start PowerGramo before you make a call or receive a call. Recording will be started and completed automatically. During a call, elapsed call time and recording time will be lively displayed. You can pause / continue recording at any time throughout the call. On finishing of the call, a record is saved and added to the playlist window, from which the record can be played back.

NOTE: When you start PowerGramo for the first time, skype will show a window asking for authorization. To make PowerGramo work properly, one should choose the “Allow…” option in the authorization window and click the “Ok” button.

2. Record “voice mails”. Before you get away from your computer, turn on PowerGramo’s answer machine and leave it run. When somebody calls you, PowerGramo automatically answers the call and an audio greeting message may be played (text message can also be sent if you are being called from skype). The caller then can leave a message and the message will be saved as a call record. This is somewhat like skype’s voicemail service, except PowerGramo’s voice mails are totally free.

3. Record a scheduled call. Not long ago, I suggested this feature to the authors. Now it’s available in the new version of the program. Thanks to them. I often use the program in this mode to record English lessons, as sometimes I do not have time to stay in front of my computer when a class begins. I just schedule a call in PowerGramo and leave feeling securely. When I get back, a record is lying there which I can listen to again and again.

Besides call recording, PowerGramo also has some other features may be very useful for you, such as sharing music with callers, personalized automatic audio/text messages, etc. The program is free for trial and a paid professional license costs a one-time fee of $34.95.

Website: http://www.powergramo.com
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