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Old 04-10-2004, 04:51 PM   #1
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Default Connect to another user..

When I try to send a image to another user, it won't let me. It tells that other person that I am still typing..and it never sends it. I tried installing AIM all over, and I even got the newest version. It still isn't working. It will let me send text though. I don't understand. Please email me if you know anything about this, or have the same problem!


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If you want to send files and to be sure that you can send it you should probably use MSN; I don't know much about AIM but I can only suppose that because nobody else has answered this means that they don't know either.

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Default Re: Connect to another user..

hmmm. running a firewall?

typical way chatclients send stuff is the sender opens up a port then the reciever connects to it and downloads.

but if theres a firewall in the way..then that all cocks up.

ive never used aim so i have nfi how it works.

when it comes to moving files around ive found irc to be the most easy way, though it hits the same pitfalls as above. just turn on autodccget and autoresume and your away.

or somedays i/we might use scp in a chrooted scponly account.

or a jailed ftp useraccount.

or if its jabber and whatever it is is just a few k, then we just im it. (jabber seems to cope with rather larger msg's then every other IM network ive used).
how do you msg someone a stuff that isnt text though?
use uuencode, or openssl base64, or gpg --enarmor.

though i imagine you may not have heard of most of the keywords of the above sentances before.

so perhaps msn is the best idea.
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