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Talking Your First Experiences


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Default Re: Your First Experiences

The first thing I leart how to do was to change the wallpaper and the themes!

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Default Re: Your First Experiences

i had a windows 95 pc to start off with about 10 years ago which i still have and use now. i used to surf the net, play games and that was about it. didnt know how to do any more than that
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Default Re: Your First Experiences

When did you guys get the internet? I got it sometime when I was running Windows 98 and I used to use Netscape Navigator 4.7 or whatever it was called.

I thought it was cool that in 98 or something when you clicked on a JPEG picture it opened it in Internet Explorer.

Then I switched from Netscape to Internet Explorer, even though I basically had no clue what Internet Explorer was.
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Default Re: Your First Experiences

My dad bought a BBC-B Microcomputer when I was about 2 (this was back in the late 80's). It had lots of fun little games, and if I'd been much older I would probably have programmed BASIC on it. Then we upgraded to an Acorn Archimedes A3000 (which ran RiscOS - wonderful machine, I might eBay another one seeing as we don't have our original anymore).

My first Windows PC was in 1994. It had 500Mb HDD, a 60Mhz Pentium CPU and something like 32Mb RAM. It came with Windows 3.11, but when it got screwed up a techie reformatted and installed Windows 95 on it instead.

In 1999, we got our first Internet enabled system, with Windows 98SE. I've still got that machine, it's now dualbooting between a pirate copy of Windows 2000 and Fedora Core 3. P3 600Mhz, 80Gb HDD (the old one was 20, but it died so I bought a new one) and 128Mb RAM. I mostly use it for coding and generally playing with, although I could use it as a backup server or something.

2004, we got our latest family PC. XP Home, 200Gb HDD, 512Mb RAM. It was like the best PC ever until I got my laptop in September last year, which has got 2Ghz Pentium M, 1Gb RAM, and 120Gb, but it's also got a 256Mb GeForce Go 6800 GPU.

So yeah, I've owned a small number in my time. I love my computers, I do.
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Default Re: Your First Experiences

I used to run DOS based computers. My first one was an AES PC with Tetris and some card games. We bought it used back in 1996. It worked well for the first couple of months until the diskettes, where the games used to be corrupted. We finally threw it out...or did we gave it out? Onwards, we got given this 486 in 1998 eqquiped with Windows 3.1 Much better than my AES, but still

Ongoing, my cousin gave me his very old PC, a 286 I think...
It came with games as Golf, Test Drive and some other stuff. Preety nice OS too.
Although, someone threw it out once since I didn't use it anymore. After that, one night, my mom came back with this Daewoo PC (AMD K6-550, 128MB RAM and all that) and we used this one instead of the 486. Now, The first day I saw it, I looked at the CD saying Windows 98. I don't know but I went, we can use Windows 98 for 100 hours only? (Complete noob) It came with a nice 17" monitor, that blew last fall.

Starting by then, I took possession and control of the 486 and used it, until I screwed the OS, thinking I blew the motherboard (Another noob) Then, my math teacher gave me his old PC from his home since he didn't use it anymore. This was my first decent PC in 2002 (my 486 was used for 2000-2002).

Now, (Specs: Celly 366MHZ, 88M RAM, all that stuff) since my mom's PC got corrupted badly, a tech came at home and installed WinXP on it...as well as mine. With few hardware plays on mine, I was able to get onboard sound. My PC was fast in Win98, andXP, but my mom's PC was HORRIBLE. It was slow and constantly rebooting. Onwards, we reverted my mom's PC with Windows ME (Yeah...). It worked much better than WinXP, but we had to go back, since I forgot that the 40GB new HDD was on it. And, for my PC, I gave it to my sister...I gave up on it.

Then, summer arrived. My mom and I went to a PC store, since I needed a complete PC formy school years to come. Well, we got arrived that I dug a Celeron 333MHZ, 128MB RAM (that I upgraded to 192MB RAM), 8MB Matrox card, and all other stuff. Well, it worked well with the new 17" CRT monitor. I upgraded mine at WinXP too, but this time, it was faster than anything else. This PC had Win98, XP, 98, ME, 98, XP (Kept going!)

Then, my mom got really mad at her PC, so we swapped. I got the PC's configured to run well with everything she had. Then, problmes tarted to happen with my mom's new PC (Originally mine)

On the other hand, I reverted to Win98 and went well until then. I apparantly got complains by my mom that the PSU was loud. I changed the PSU, but I also changed the CPu...to a Slot 1 PIII 600MHZ. The PC wouldn't boot. It fried. (SO I though...another noob)

My mom went Ok, we'll buy a new one. So she went and bought a new one. Cmplete PC. Then, when she found that a mobo, CPU onboard + 256MB was $183, she went and upgraded both my sis and mine's PC. When we got them, one PC was missing and the other wouldn't boot (I still miss it I could have tried again and I could have had it with me ATM )

Since then, We kept it. everything was solved and was well going.

I upgraded mine here form there by the store's thrown out HDD. I took 5. 2x120, 1x20, 1x160 and 1x40.

I bought in vrac, my P4 with my mobo after. 3 months later...ZAP. And nowdays, I rebuilt it and all PCs are up and running.

Other PCs

One day, when we went to get my sister at her work, we stopped, saying that I found a PC. As I looked at it, it was really recent. I picked it up, as well as the box sitting next to it. I investigated it and found the PSU was dead. I take a 250W base line PSU and try it. It works. I touch the CPU to see if it really works and I burned my hand. Got the heatsink and putted a fan on it. Now, it sits next to me...

Another PC was someone who found it in front of the store. He gave the mobo, CPU and PSU. a PII 350MHZ with a 8MB AGP card from Matrox, yadah yadah. Grabbed a case and it worked.

Another one was a Pentium 200MHZ that was to be thrown out. Booted and transfered to a case that I modified a bit. Now, it is pending for a new mobo, so I could put my K6-II 500 to work.

Other found were junk. I now sit with 6PCs.

I still miss my three PCs...
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Default Re: Your First Experiences

I think I'm with David.

When I first got a PC, it was pre-built by one of my dads mates, with loads of games, like Dungeon Keeper and Theme Hospital.

The first theme on it was a Dungeon Keeper theme that looked really kewl, and said

"Welcome to my realm" in a really deep voice.

I think my first experience, since I knew nothing about computers at the time, was to learn how to change things like that, so yeah.
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Default Re: Your First Experiences

My first exp was when I was 4. I remember walking into the comptuer room to get some paper for coloring or somthing. I saw my dad left his PC running and he had the game RUSH on, within 15 mins I was playing it had all the controls down and was doing better then my dad . My first interent exp came when I was 7. I went to a website to play games. It was really slow. Then at the age of 11 I went to a chat room, I learned what e-mail addresses were and everything else.

My first computer was when I was about 5, it was a old hunk of junk from what I remember my mom sprayed windex inside of it so yea....

My second was a toshiba laptop I LOVED THAT BABY! OMG I LOVED THAT BABY. I could I learned the wonderful world of the internet in a deeper meaning on that puppy... It had a 5 GIG HD and was a pain to use because I couldn't DL files and have D2 LOD on it at the same time. I always would play D2 LOD on that puppy, I loved starcraft too... It was SO MUCH FUN! OMG good old days since then a slege hammer found its way to it... I don't know how honsetly

Then came welll I would say this PC but not really it was a AMD 1.2 GHz, Geforce 5200 FX, 512 MB ram, 120 GIG HD. Pretty good computer learened the wonderful world of CS on it. And a few other minor games. It was a lot of fun to play on and stuff.

Now my current one I remember wehn I first got it about 9 months ago. It was my first PC I actually built. I thought that puppy was so sweet and it was for the time. Now its not so sweet anymore granted its still a great computer and it got a few years of usage in it but its not a beast anymore... I need a new HD 120 GIGs is FAR TO SMALL.
Main Rig: I7 920 CPU, 6 Gigs ram 5870 GPU
M17X Laptop 2.8 Ghz Dual Core, 4870 Radeon
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Default Re: Your First Experiences

I had a mac. I was all like yay!

But really it started when I got the SNES, and I could hook the thing up to the tv and stuff, and I was all like yay! I can do it, so I got more and more interested in that kinda stuff. And finally upgraded to computers.

My first computer was my brothers Mac something something, that all the schools used. And then we got a Gateway, and that was my first experience with windows. And from their, I got to use the internet, and things just kept gradually escilating (sp). And im now where I am.
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Default Re: Your First Experiences

my first OS was dos. lol

my first computer was...i cant remember what kind it was. like 4 mb ram. lol

but then MY first computer was a windows 98 333mhz 64mb ram computer.

Core 2 Duo e4500 2.2ghz @ 2.8ghz
evga 650i ultra
2gb 400mhz ram OC'ed to 450
evga geforce 7600GT overclocked
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