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Old 05-06-2010, 10:15 AM   #1
Daemon Poster
Join Date: Apr 2010
Posts: 669
Default Your Computers: A Time Line for all of Us...

Well, I guess this is the place to post what computers you've owned, what yo own, and what you want to own, because I coulnd find anywhere like this...

My First Comuter
Oddly enough, my first computer was a Macintosch Quadro AV, and I got it slightly used in 2001, I don't remember anything about it, except that it made a bong when it started, it was a tall, beige tower, and wasn't very fast.

2nd comp - VERIFIED
I remember, a little, it was beige, looked like the Quadro, and upon startup, the sound gave me nightmayers.

unknown Proccesor, good enough to play midtown madness 2
unknown HDD
Windows 98 Plus or Ultimate, which was a beta made in 1997, want to know how? here @ 1:36 - 1:40:

Big HDD, and slow too...

From having a Macintosch, you would expect me to get another? no...
This time, I got a Dell 8110, a short, stubby tower with no CD tray. I forgot how I eventually got my games on it. But I know that by the time I did, which was 3 - 4 months, it had crashed at least 3 dozen times. One night, I left it on, and it crashed again, except, this time, the HD was bad, we chucked it in the trash feeling better that it was no longer in our hair.
Intel Celeron 933Mhz 124PSM
340mb DDR216 Ram
16Gb HD
Geforce NVS 22/150
Windows ME, very slowly

3rd Comp
Now that the Dell was gone, I got a taste of a Real Computer. It was a Biostar Ideq 210V. I had this computer longer then all my computers, other than my mac, combined. It was fast, tiny, and fast again, it played my HL2 Demo, halo, Far Cry 2, Halo 2 Vista, Midtown Madness 2, and many other games at high speed, from March of '03, when my Dell died, to last December in '09, when my neighbor offered my dad another *^%! Dell. Dad accepted, and a perfectly good computer, mistakenly, but purpously, fell in the trash.
AMD Athlon XP 2.1 Ghz 425PSM
2Gb DDR400 Ram
Radeon 9600 127PSM
Windows Vista ultimate 64bit

4th comp
Very slowly, in any sentence, quickly became associated with my next 3 PC's, and the 1st one was the worst one.
Dad brought a Dell Dimension 4500 home one day, and tossed my Ideq in the trash while I was at school. I got home, and the phones were tied, the faceplate, HD, CDrom, and cables from my Ideq were on the kitchen table. I went into my room, where I found my dad had been trying to unlock Windows for 3 hours on this tall, loud, behemouth on my desk. He eventually unlocked it, but then decided to reinstall it on the Pc.After that, everything had problems, every game had combatability problems, if they even ran faster than a snail on the computer... I found a newer computer at grandpa's:
Intel Pentium 4 1.8Ghz 240PSM
768 DDR400 Ram
40Gb Hd
Radeon 9600 PRO / Geforce 4 MX440 127/88 PSM
Windows XP Home Edition

Dell Dimension 8110
Well, if it sucked the first time, it was worse the second time, I didn't do anything to it, and it went to the attic 2 days Later.
2.53Ghz Intel Celeron D 432PSM
512mb DDR333 Ram
no HD
Intel 945 72PSM
Windows Vista Beta 1

Hp Compaq DC7600
Well, HP's are at the top of the 3 year failure list at 31%, but mine had a 90% chance that half the programs didn't work when booted, and had 100% failed to impress my still - Ideq standards, after 1 day of computing.
2.80Ghz Pentium D 808PSM
2.50Gb DDR2 Ram
Intel 82945 G 89PSM
Windows XP Profesional

Custom computers are sometimes refered to as whiteboxes, but my whitebox, could have been called a double negative, it was black and orange, and was a round rectangle, almost as tall as the 4500. Slow, slow,slow,slow,slow,phew, it tired me just STARING at it... I own it now, its on my desk, and I'm not happy about it. Somthing tells me, in the next 9 weeks, its going to go bye bye real fast.
dc7600 2.80Ghz Pentium D 808PSM
2.25Gb DDR2 Ram
Dc7600 80Gb SATA
Geforce 8500 GT 391PSM
Windows Vista ultimate 32 bit

My grandpa wants to sell me a Gateway W730 - K8x for $150.
It is one heck of a problem as Im typing on it, slow, buggy...
Here is its problem:
Itnernet throws a hissy fit every hour
HD throws a fit every other week
The whole computer Desides to lock every 6 hours
AMD Mobile Athlon 64 3400+ 2.19Ghz 445PSM
1.25Gb Ram
60Gb HD
Radeon X200 38PSM
Windows XP MCE/ Windows Vista ultimate 32bit

Ibm thinkpad T42
As I look on ebay, I look at this, fun, interesting, fast from all reveiws.
Specs, Anyone?
2.1Ghz Pentium M 523 PSM
2GB Ram
40Gb HD
Radeon 9600 129PSM
Windows 2000/XP

Furture Desktop:
Hmm, this can't be a very hard choice, how about a new Ideq 330P?

Amd Athlon 64 FX-57 (single core) 698PSM
2Gb DDR400
160Gb Sata HD
My custon PCI-32 1gb Radeon 9600 240PSM(not listed, but test charts show a 97% improovment fron 32mb to 1gb)

List your computers, and tell evryone what you think of every one elses!

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Old 05-06-2010, 11:39 AM   #2
Daemon Poster
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Join Date: Jul 2009
Posts: 861
Default Re: Your Computers: A Time Line for all of Us...

Windows 98 First Edition
HP Pavillion from back in '97
bought it for $100 in 2001
8GB hardrive
300MHz processor

my first computer. Dial up internet, Flight Simulator 98 was the only game it could take

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Old 05-06-2010, 01:00 PM   #3
Golden Master
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Location: USA
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Default Re: Your Computers: A Time Line for all of Us...

i dont remember any specs of any of my PCs really

first PC,
windows 3.1, DOS, all that happy stuff...

second, windows 95, had a pentium 2 i think.

3rd, windows 98, Pentium 3

4th, windows ME, Pentium 4, play like C$C Red Alert 2, Yuris revenge, RA95, Renegade

5th, Windows XP Pro, Athlon 2Ghz, 80GB HDD, DDR3200, dvd/cd rw, 7600GS 512MB, played Halo PC, all previous games, and some fallout 3 in low settings. but was pretty "fast"

6th, bought it at a local shop. week later it burned up, i dont know what happend,

7th, learned from previous mistake, an built my current PC myself (sig) lol
You got to have a Fiddle in the band!
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Old 05-06-2010, 01:16 PM   #4
Omnicide now.
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Default Re: Your Computers: A Time Line for all of Us...

First computer... Atari 800! MOS 6502 @1.79 MHz, 64K RAM, 128K ROM, Cassette drive.

Second computer... Old as **** custom pc. 500 MHz AMD k6?, 64 MB RAM, 4GB HDD, W95, Creative blaster banshee

Third computer... Emachines computer. 1.8 GHz celeron, 128 MB RAM, 40 GB HDD, Debian 3

fourth computer... Twinhead 9TE-233TZ. 233 MHz pentium, 32MB RAM, 2GB HDD, Windows 2000

Fifth computer... Imac G3. 700 MHz G3, 128 MB RAM, 80GB HD, OS 9.2, later upgraded to 10.2

sixth computer... Custom PC. 3GHz Pentium 4 HT, 1GB DDR2, 160GB HDD, Debian 4

seventh computer... Apple powerbook G3 333 MHz G3 CPU, 128MB RAM, 8GB HDD, OS 10.3.9

eighth computer... Apple iBook G3 1067MHz, 1.25GB RAM, 40GB HDD, OS 10.4

ninth computer... Phenom x4 9600, 4GB RAM, 4850 x2 2GB, 1.5TB HDD, BD-ROM/DVD-RW combo drive, xp pro (now running W7)

current computer... Phenom II x4 955, 4GB kingston DDR3, 2 250 GB 7200.10s and a 160GB 7200.9 in RAID0, watercooling, constantly changing video card, too many OSes.

As you can see, I have been through a lot of computers in the past few years.
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Old 05-06-2010, 04:55 PM   #5
Golden Master
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Default Re: Your Computers: A Time Line for all of Us...

I'll cut down the extra ones and the obsolete 286s I had back then.

Up t'il 2002, I settled with this:
IBM PS/2 Valuepoint
486DX 66MHz/348MB HDD/8MB RAM...that's all I remember of it.

2nd PC...now THAT PC, I called it kickass...until I realized what PC performance truly was.
Celeron 366MHZ/96MB RAM/8MB IGP/6GB HDD (Out in late 2004)

3rd was a Celeron 333MHz/128MB RAM/6GB HDDx2/8MB Matrox card. That, I accidentally fried it, trying to upgrade it...never knew why it died just like that...

Before that happened, I got a 4th one...and that was the greatest POS I ever had...
K6-III 550MHz/10GB HDD/128MB RAM/Trident IGP...all from Daewoo...urgh

5th one is where I got over the GHz bar. I still have it as a matter of fact:
PC Chips M825G V9.2C (Soldered in CPU)/AMD Athlon 1.3GHz/1GB RAM/120GB HDD/128MB Geforce FX5200

6th one was this:
ASUS P4S800D-X/P4 3.0GHz/1GB RAM/120+160GB HDD/256MB Radeon 9600Pro
That's the bag of problems I'm still having on it.

7th one:
Gigabyte M55Plus-S3G/AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+/2GB RAM/250GB HDD/512MB Geforce 8500GT.

P5E800-VM DO/E8400 3.0/8GB RAM/2x160GB HDD/512MB Geforce 8600GT

9th and final after a swap:
M3A78-CM/Athlon 7750 BE/8GB RAM/896MB Geforce GTX260/2x160GB HDDs

There's 33 systems that I had as well, as secondary, but most are sold or recycled.

To this date, I have 29 motherboards on the wall...and will reach 30 very soon.
2 motherboards ready for installation...

Total=I own the equivalence of 43 systems at home...most work, some doesn't, and some incomplete.
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Old 05-07-2010, 08:40 PM   #6
Daemon Poster
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Default Re: Your Computers: A Time Line for all of Us...

Cool comps, EVERYBODY, sweet comps!

Oh, I forgot the one I got to "Trial Drive" for 2 weeks after the 2 encounter with the 8110:

Compaq Ipaq:
No, not the phone, the ancient desktop, I installed and played halo, suprisingly fast, givin its lower than minimum requirments... I didn't actually do much with it, probably because I was whinning about the Ideq...
Intel Celeron 500mhz
128Mb Ram
Intel 945 Chipset
10gb HD
Windows ME

The latest 4 Comps I got a test on from grandpa:
Nec Speedpro 286
Bad HD, not much else to explain..
Intel 286 6mhz
340 + 640kb Ram
1mb Hd
Dos 5.22

Compaq Armada 7800
Well, Bad HD too, slammed it 2 inches, didn't boot, but whizzed up like normal...
Intel Pentium 2 300Mhz
64-96mb Ram
S3 Rage
5gb HD
Windows 95

IBM Thinkpad 701cs
Never tried, used in box, corroded under plastic, battery broke its cover it was so corroded, its a shame...
486/Pentium? 25mhz / 100mhz?
8-20mb Ram?
768mb HD, ran DOS under the Armada's assistance, said 194mb was free...
DOS/Windows 2.X / Windows 3.X?

Last one:
Nec Mobile Pro 800
Sweet computer, if we find a PS for it, I might buy it, pretty cool micro lappie...
unknown Proccesor
32mb Ram
unknown, 800x600 max res
96mb shared ram?
Windows CE toutch screen
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Old 05-07-2010, 09:19 PM   #7
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Default Re: Your Computers: A Time Line for all of Us...

1st rig ever which lasted me about 2 weeks then broke 1993-2002

486 66mhz
8mb ram
128mb hdd
600mb hdd
cd rom
sb 16 sound

2nd rig Bought 1 month after the 486 died (still own it but it's upgraded and being used as an office rig for the business)
2002-2007 resurrected in 2009
Amd athlon xp 1800+
40gb hdd (now 250gb)
256mb ram (now 1.5gb)
Geforce 4mx440 (now Geforce fx5500)
windows xp home (upgraded to vista then back to xp then to 7 then back to xp pro)

dad's old computer he gave to me after getting a new one

amd k6-2 500mhz
192mb ram
10gb hdd
ati rage 8mb video
SB live soundcard

Never used it much though and it eventually broke due to the ram slots breaking off the mobo

Current rig (built july27 2007) original specs
intel c2d 4300
2gb ram
intel gma 3000
120gb hdd
external 200gb hdd

current specs after numerous upgrades in sig

laptop (hp pavillion dv 6700)
intel c2d t5500
3gb ram
250gb hdd
gma x3100
windows vista, win 7, ubuntu 10.04 triboot
funny thing is over the years I still have all the files I had right from the beginning on the 486 including old dos games I still play from time to time in a virtual machine to bring back memories.
A thing I like to do is make a virtual machine and take games and stuff from an old computer and clone the os so it's just like sitting at the old computer I no longer have.
AMD Phenom II x6 1045T @ 2.7 Ghz, 8Gb Corsair Vengeance Ram, crucial M500 240GB SSD, 500GB WD
1.5 TB Seagate, XFX Radeon 6670 1Gb GDDR5, Windows 7 Professional 64bit
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Default Re: Your Computers: A Time Line for all of Us...

Ok, I'm going to try my best from memory. I have a lot more computers than these though. But this is pretty much what I've gone though in my lifetime to the point I'm at now.


Commodore 64

Packard Bell
Pentium 1
Windows 95

Pentium 2
Windows 98se

HP Pavilion
Celeron ~800mhz
Windows ME


Xenon Computers
Windows 3.11

Compaq Laptop + Docking Station
Windows 3.1

Beige box
Pentium 1
Windows 98se

1.3ghz Pentium 4
Windows XP Pro/Fedore Core 2/Xandros/Ubuntu
20gb HDD
184mb Rambus

Apple iBook
1.42ghz PowerPC G4
Mac OS X Tiger -> Leopard
160gb HDD
1.5gb RAM
As shown in signature.

AMD box
AMD 1600+
Windows XP Pro/Linux

AMD box
AMD 2600+
Windows XP Pro/Linux
1.5gb RAM

AMD dual core, don't remember model
500gb HDD
Windows XP MCE/Linux
2gb RAM

AMD box
My current PC as shown in signature.

Compaq laptop
As shown in signature.
PC: Intel i7 4790K, 16gb RAM, MSI R7 250 2gb
Phone: Apple iPhone 6s 64gb
Handheld Games: Nintendo 3DS XL, Tapwave Zodiac 2, GamePark Holdings GP2X F100
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Default Re: Your Computers: A Time Line for all of Us...

Cool, my friends are living in the "dark ages", I geuss. He has a Compaq LTE 5150, with a Pentium 80mhz proccesor. He bought it for around $100, but strangly enough, I can buy a computer 10 times as powerful for the same price, like an Acer Travelmate 524, and Armada E500, or a Toshiba Satilite...

Maybe he wants all the old ones...

But he can do some pretty sweet stuff: He plays the first Duke Nukem off of IBM/MS DOS on Windows 95, or goes into DOS and boots 3.11. His HD is pretty large, 15Gb?
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Default Re: Your Computers: A Time Line for all of Us...

My first computer was an Apple II Plus circa 1985 or so, big black floppy disks, green monochrome monitor, game paddles and lots of games as well as other programs, given to me by my uncle.

Then I had a Packard Bell 300SX, Windows 3.11 for workgroups, MS-Dos 6.22 (both of which I still have the original floppy disks for), like a 12inch monitor, 4mb ram, took the big black floppies as well as the 3 1/2 inch ones. It had integrated graphics and didn't even have a sound card and like a 300 or 400mb hard drive. Later upgraded it with a creative Soundblaster kit that had a sound card and an 8x cd-rom drive. Then had that upgraded with a new motherboard, processor, case and 2.1gb hard drive from a local pc shop. Later I upgraded it to Windows 98. Used for many years.

Then I had an HP Pavilion 7920 that I bought new. 933 Celeron, integrated graphics, 256mb ram, 30gb hard drive cd-rom and cd burner drives, 17" monitor upgrade, Windows ME later upgraded to XP. Was a nice little machine once I upgraded it to XP.

Next one was one I built myself, AMD Athlon XP 2600, GeForce 4 MX440 graphics, 512mb ram, Asus motherboard, 200gb hard drive, Sony CD burner. Later on I custom painted the case. Was a nice machine as well. I recently dug out the parts for it and put them in a case and I'm now using it as my file server.

Next came the upgrade to that machine, I replaced everything except the case so it counts as a whole new pc. AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000, 2gb ram, 7600GT graphics, Asus motherboard, 19" Samsung flatscreen monitor, 500gb, 200gb, and 250gb hard drives Samsung 18x SATA DVD burner, the same custom painted case as the above pc. Sold on ebay to buy my current pc....

Current pc, HP Pavilion DV9700T 17" laptop, Core 2 Duo T7500 2.2ghz, 8600m GT graphics, 4gb ram, 250gb hard drive, built in webcam, microphone and fingerprint reader, media card reader, supermulti DVD burner, dual boot of Vista home premium 32bit and Windows 7 RC1 build 7100 soon to be Windows 7 Pro 64bit.

That's my timeline for ya guys. It's not as many as some people, I'm surprised at how many pc's some of you have had.

When all else fails...Ham Radio!

I still have the same old HP DV9700T laptop I've had for years...still kickin'
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