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Default Re: Is work harder thank school ?

Originally Posted by ssc456 View Post
Interesting statement.

Personally i've found it depends on the individual. I'm 21 and i have friends that were in my year at school who have gone to college and university and are now in 15,000 + worth of debt, have come out of university to find they can't get a job to pay more than 16,000 a year as even tho they have graduated uni the jobs just arent out there.

So there course has currently been.

16 leave school
17 go college
18 go university -4000
19 University -4000
20 University -4000
21 get a job for 16,000 a year

there current earnings at 21 years of age 4,000

Me on the other hand i started from the bottom and worked my way up. . .

16 Leave school
17 Job in a call centre 12,000 a year
18 Job on a Help Desk 16,000 a year
19 Job as a system admin 18,500 a year
20 Job as a technical support admin 23,000 a year
21 Job as a developer 30,000 a year

My current earnings at 21 years of age 99,500 . . .

I know if someone took me back in time and asked me which path to choose i'd choose the same one.
Yes that has been a problem being technically over qualified & certain careers hard to get in but then again you should have other career options....

Personally I have been through 4 major career changes in 40 years employment and this could be the norm these days opposed to a person doing only 1 career in their lifetime as it use to be many years ago.

Employment prospects have always been a gamble imo.

PS: these days most schools/colleges have career councilors to consult where in my days none really existed.

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Default Re: Is work harder thank school ?

It Doesn't depend. School is fun and easy. You can socialize and learn. The alternative is work. Don't misunderstand me, I love what I do, but getting to where I am today was not an easy road. You have to take a few degradeable jobs before you become anything. When you get out of school you won't necessarily be doing what you LOVE. Thats the most important thing of all, finding your niche.

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