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Default Re: Windows question

This is what it is becuase work with a computer comapny . . .
dell etc. have a special copy that doesnt need activating or anything given by ms, also known as a corprate copy. Then the disc you are given will just take that windows installation back to default as when you got the computer.

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Default Re: Windows question

Thats another reason why i like the PC that i got from the small shop, they give you one full version of XP with the computer, you get everything, all the origional disks, and all the origional disks for all the other software too. not something you would get with one of the mass produced computers...

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Default Re: Windows question

Yeah, just seems weird that they buy the license but don't give you the windows discs
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Default Re: Windows question

Originally Posted by David Lindon
Does anyone know when you buy a pc from a manufacturer (dell for example) and they give you a 'restore' disc, do they purchase a copy of windows for each pc? If so why do they not give you the discs? Are they using the restore idea as a loophole so they don't have to buy a version for the pcs they build?
Yes, they buy a different version each time so they won't have some legit issues. BUT, the version you have and the restore disck are the same, and the versions requires to be activated...sooo...they won't have trouble and just by phoning them won't kill anybody.
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Default Re: Windows question

ok checked with Adam here and they buy a mass license with NO DISCS. they have a central ISO files that get 'burned' on to the computers hard drives and they sell those and give you a key but no cd.

they dont buy any physical media but the mass load of product keys gets shipped to them via ups via a localized distributor.

HP is doing the same thing and so are alot of manufacturers. which this is a bad idea since people want to reformat the right way! not the crappy dell way where your spyware IS STILL ON there! and you dont totally get rid of everything and its nto a full copy of xp, its jsut got critical files needed to restore and its NOT a total refromat!

this is a SERVERE problem when it comes to todays computer world since TONS of spyware is out there and people are needing to reformat alot mroe often. and this just doesnt cut it since it bascially simply extends the functionality of xp's built in restore.

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