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Default Re: Why Time Is Wrong

Originally Posted by Rubber314Chicken View Post
that'd be an interesting thing to see... post it when its done.
will do i just need a bit of help, to recap,

i need a javascrip that will get the time, and then do this forumular with it,

H= hours, M= miniutes, S= seconds

(HX60+M)X60+SX1.1574 then display the result i only need the result in seconds as metric time can be calculated in seconds form seeing as everything is done in tens,

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Default Re: Why Time Is Wrong

ummm... actually your original calculation that the calendar is wrong by 12 days is actually wrong....

in the calendaring system this is already taken care of the actual forumla for leap years isn't actually

(if year /4 = int) then leapyear = true

in actual fact the formula for working out if it's a leap year is actually

((if year /100 == int)&&(year/400==int)||((year/4=int)&&(year/100!=int)) leapyear = true;

basically if the year is divisible by 100, but is not divisible by 400 it's not a leap year.
if the year is divisible by 4 and not divisible by 100 it's a leap year.

the year 2000 was a leap year (because it's divisible by 100 and 400 without remainder) the yeat 1900 was not a leap year, nor was 1800, 1700, 1500, 1400, 1300, 1100, 900, 700, 600, 500, 300, 200 or 100. (because they are divisible by 100 but not divisible by 400 without remainder)

of course the gregorian calendar was not invented at 0 BC either.
all of the innacuracies that you mentioned are already taken care of....

fear not. march 7th, is still march 7th!

as for the two months to drop... July and August of course

(thus making SEPTember the seventh month, OCTober the 8th, NOVember the 9th and DECember the 10th as originally intended and implied in their names).

anyway... back to the original
a year is 365 days 6 hours 9 minutes 9.54
the real problem here is the fact that the two natural measurements (time taken for earth to orbit the sun, and time taken for earth to revolve once around it's axis) are mutually exclusive events.

with the metric time solution you don't actually fix anything, all you do is make sure that over time midnight appears at midday! and the offset is ignored.

you have to decide what you want to keep, the year measurement of the day measurement. then work out the new si time measurements based on that.

a second is a time measurement based on the time taken for the earth to reveolve around it's axis, (24 * 60 * 60) a year masurement is the time taken for the earth to revolve around the sun, based on

basicall the idea of creating a metric time to tie in the days to standardise the amount of time taken to revolve around the earth is flawed, creating a measurement of base 10 to replace a system doesn't get rid of the fundamental problem that the earth does not have synchronisation between the time taken to revolve and orbit.

you can't tie them together with a standard measurement to get rid of leap years.

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Default Re: Why Time Is Wrong

Originally Posted by root View Post
as for the two months to drop... July and August of course
I'm not gonna qutoe the entire post, but wow, that was really interesting to read. I know the part about the leap years on centuries, but I
ve never seen it explain so simply like that.

as for dropping those two months... Way to rebel against Julius (July) and Augustus (August) Caesar. And then the months make sense.

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Default Re: Why Time Is Wrong

Originally Posted by ssc456 View Post
right heres the deal,

i need a script preferably in java script, or something that can be published to the internet live,

and heres what it has to do,

every 0.864 seconds add 1, so its a counter but it counts slightly faster than every 1 seconds,

e.g after i want this counter to reach 10 after 8.640 seconds,

and then after it gets to 100, i need it to add 1 on another part and start again from 0, until it gets to 100 again,

================================================== ================================
the idea is me and a friend of mine are trying to get into "metric time" where we have 100,000 seconds in a day as apposed to 86400 just to square things off "metric" and ways we worked out to keep it in metric, we should have 10 hours a day, 100 miniutes in each hour, 100 seconds in each miniute, 100 seconds X 100 miniutes X10 hours, thats the 100,000 seconds in a day, now in "imperial time" that releates to about 27 hours, the solution, make the metric second 0.864 seconds long, therefore it would still be the 24 hour mark,

================================================== ================================
there is deep thought into this between me and my friend, the discussion started on birthdays and how i was born at 02:00 AM on the 14/03/1991 and how i should really celebrate my birthday this year on the 13th,

explanation, the earth actually takes 365 days 6 hours 9 minutes 9.54 seconds to orbit the sun, every 4 years we get a leap year to even things out right, wrong, every 4 years we even out the 6 hours not the 9 miniutes and 9.54 seconds, (every 4 years we add up the 6 hours from the previous years to make 24 hours and add an extra day) so the 9 miniutes and 9.54 seconds adds up,.

9 X 60 = 540 + 9.54 = 549.54, seconds every year we loose, im 17 so i have lost 17 X 549.54 secods = 9342.18 seconds ÷ 60 = 155.703 ÷ 60 = 2.59505 hours.

so this year my brithday would actually fall on the 13th of march. e.g i was born at 2.0 am in the morning and we have lost 2.59505 hours so therefore i should celebrate at 11:28 PM on 13/03/1991 this year,

so we came up with making a new time, "metric time" which would never be wrong, we would keep it simple, the second will not be 0.864 of a second that we know now, the will be 100 seconds in a miniute, 100 miniutes in an hour, 10 hours in a day, 10 days in a week, 100 days in a month, 10 months in a "year"

note. year may be replaced as people would not want to celebrate there birthday every 1,000 days, but we planned a bank holiday call. "orbit day" which would be the day the earth has completely rotated around the earth once again, every 365 days so people could still celebrate there birthdays.
================================================== ======================

If you read all this and understood well done, you are one of few who actually now realise how wrong imperial time is,
i realise this will never catch on world wide but i believe we could get a small community of followers.

any questions please ask i know there are some flaws in "metric time".
also the sole purpose of this thread was for the script so if any1 could help i would be very greatful.

Thanks For Reading, Scott.

Edit: Today the imperial date is, 07/03/2008, if you count since 0 AC then we have lost 2008 X 9 mins and 9.54 seconds or 549.54 seconds so 2008 X 549.54 = 1103476.32 ÷ 60 = 18391.272 miniutes ÷ 60 = 306.5212 hours ÷ 24 = 12.77171666 days,

"today" the 07th of march is infact the 24th february 2008. !
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Default Re: Why Time Is Wrong

Root My friend, very interesting post,

the only response i have to that is my idea was to make metric time 10 hours a day and a year 1,000 days, therefore i was sticking with the time of a day, because letf face it changing the time a day takes to pass would screw every1 up, so im proposing we keep the day the same amount of time and just change the visuals of time,

as for the year yes the year will no longer be how long it takes the earth to orbit the sun, instead we could have a bank holiday every year which is called "orbit day" self explanatory really.

its up lol, nothing too special at mo, i will design my website around it, but for now that is the time in metric,

its extremely easy to understand if you break it down,

first number = no. of hours into the day
2nd 2 numbers, = miniutes past the hour
next 2 numbers = seconds past the miniutes

He who has never failed has never attempted anything worth succeeding at.

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