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Default Why can't I use SRS WOW on WMP12 anymore?

Originally when I upgraded from XP to 7 x86, I decided not to install VLC media player right away. I was impressed with 7 and wanted to try the stock stuff until I couldn't stand it. Well IE I threw out for Firefox (which I've since thrown out for Chrome) but I had IE for like a week, much better than IE 6 which I couldn't stand on XP. So I also wanted to see what WMP12 was like. Eh, nothing out of the ordinary, but then I noticed, right click, enhancements, SRS WOW, and I turned it on. HOLY MOTHER. (I had a Logitech S-220, and now I have a Logitech Z2300, so if you guys try SRS and it doesn't do much for you, maybe you have to have a sub? I don't know) I love techno music and with SRS WOW the bass is like 400x better and listening to music in general is just amazing now. I can't go back to VLC without SRS. So I don't know, a couple of months goes by, and I checked for SRS WOW one day, and now it's blacked out, what the F.

I can't turn it on, and Windows doesn't really let you 'uninstall' WMP, so I'm kinda screwed. (I did that Windows Components remove or whatever, and re-installed WMP12, didn't do anything.) So I was thinking it was time to start fresh, maybe look into some x64. So I did.

So for probably 2 months now I've been rolling a fresh install of Windows 7 x64 and it's pretty nice, and I got my SRS WOW back. However, I just checked WMP, because the sound sounded kind of, not SRSssy, and guess what. Same deal. Blacked out.

What can I do to get my beloved Bass back? Please help me!

EDIT: Son of a...I've been watching a DVD (DJ Tiesto in Copenhagen, fricking amazing) and I changed to an .mp3 file, and shit, SRS WOW worked again, I guess it just doesn't work on videos. But I could have SWORN it used to...and that still doesn't change the fact that before x64 it broke and didn't work on videos or music files. Eh, whatever, mods can delete if they see fit.
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