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Old 02-10-2009, 03:36 PM   #21
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Default Re: Who watched...

If I'm not mistaken Obama wants to put the cap on a CEO salary to $500,000. ...While I disagree with the figure, I still think it should be capped. And if CEOs are going to have their salary capped so should athletes.

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Default Re: Who watched...

I watched most of it. I'm not for the guy, but his speeches are pretty good .

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Default Re: Who watched...

see i hate to start political arguement but I'd like to say I enjoy listening to others perspectives
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Default Re: Who watched...

Originally Posted by Ronspc View Post
I'm black I don't believe that chosen crap. He just a man that happens to be black AND WHITE

Originally Posted by troy View Post
Well he technically is the "chosen one" as the media has been in the tank for him since day 1 and he's basically a story that they've created and have invested a lot of time and expenses in (i.e. the trip to Iraq where the media spent millions to follow him around with cameras). As for his race, he could be a purple alien from mars for all I care.
It seems like all the news is lately is what Obama is doing. Personally I don't care to hear "BREAKING NEWS OBAMA AT THE PODIUM" or "THIS JUST IN OBAMA IS ON CAPITOL HILL TALKING TO LAWMAKERS" As far as I'm concerned it's more media fluff.
All in all I think he did good with the press conference. He did talk a lot but at least he had a clue what he was talking about and he was understandable and intelligent. I just hope this stimulus can actually jump start the economy and get it headed back towards a path of growth and productivity. I personally think it's an awful lot of spending and I don't believe we can spend our way out of debt without serious consequences down the road but why does Washington care? they'll just do what they always do and pawn it off on the next generation.

Yea, this guy isn't that bad. Its all the Obama fanboys that are making people had a bad taste in their mouth. They act like he saved the world before he even got in office.

Originally Posted by superman22x View Post
Well, considering 3% of our nation owns 80% of our nations wealth, maybe that 3% should start doing some damn big spending...
Yes, and so should everyone else. too bad the country is too stupid to realize this.
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Default Re: Who watched...

Oh, yeah, I do my fair share of spending, haha. Don't think it makes a huge difference though... considering, most of it is on gas...

I don't think there should be caps on jobs though. Athletes or CEOs, even if they make multi-million dolar figures, good for them.
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Default Re: Who watched...

Originally Posted by Prodigy146 View Post
dude on cnn they mentioned and talked about the fires in australia for atleast 4 hours today...
dude on bbc they had people live on the scene and simulcasted a local station. dude cnn only telephoned two people and that was basically their coverage dude...

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