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Default What should my job title be?

Running into an issue with work. We are a small business (<20 employees) and have never really had true job titles for most of us here. I have been here for years and being the most computer knowledgeable person, I have been the one that everyone goes to get stuff done.

For education, I had two years as a comp sci major then switched and graduated with a BA in Web Development.

As we are expanding quickly the owner wants everyone to get their departments in order and let him know what the official job title should be. Run it pass him and then make it official. The problem I am having is when looking at the standard job titles, I preform a good portion of the duties, but then a couple of the big ones I do not. That and there is a lot of overlap involved and that I am working on the technology side as well as the marketing side.

Below are my the duties that my job entails. I was wondering if you could skim them and let me know what title I best fit into.

- Managing internal network and computer systems
- Product support
- Customer training
- Software design, testing and deployment

- Product photography, branding and packaging
- Website design, development and maintenance
- Producing marketing materials (catalogs, flyers and trade show booths)
- Filming and editing promotional and training videos
- Customer relations
- Coordinating national and international sales and marketing strategies
- Creating print advertising for national and international industry magazines
- Sending monthly email newsletters to over 13,000 recipients

- Led technology integration and localization team to market, sell, support [x] systems throughout Europe and Asia
- Moved all promotional and training video filming, editing and production in house
- Moved all product labeling and packaging design and production in house
- Lead contact with software developer to design the GUI for our software applications currently used by over 3200 companies worldwide

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Default Re: What should my job title be?

In all honesty, my gut instinct from looking at those roles above is that your job seems to be much more around the marketing side of things (with a bit of tech work on the side), but I could be wrong - you will know what you do most more than anyone here.

The most important question for you is probably "what do you want to do next?" Or, more specifically, "what do you want the job title to say when it sits on your CV?" This doesn't have to be immediate, but give it your best guess a few years down the line. If you want to go into marketing, you may want to place more emphasis on a marketing role. If you want to go into web development, likewise, and again the same for a network administrator.

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Default Re: What should my job title be?

Your title should be BOSS.
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Default Re: What should my job title be?

It's a combo really, you're a technology and marketing consultant!
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