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Old 09-22-2015, 04:14 PM   #31
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Default Re: What have I missed?

If you want to know more you can PM me but we tend not to discuss moderation in public.
I can understand and I completely respect that.
Thank you for taking the time to reply.

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Old 09-22-2015, 05:14 PM   #32
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Default Re: What have I missed?

Originally Posted by celegorm View Post
If you want to know more you can PM me but we tend not to discuss moderation in public.
That's the way it should be, the reason why is not up for public discussion on most well moderated forums.

Sorry for hijacking the OP's thread.

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Old 09-23-2015, 10:18 AM   #33
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Default Re: What have I missed?

All I can say is, he was only banned at Techist after being banned here. I am positive he was given plenty of warnings before being banned... If the merger had taken place already, we technically wouldn't be having this discussion since one of the rules at Techist is that moderators don't discuss bans in public, at all.
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Default Re: What have I missed?

I believe you have it in reverse as he was banned at Techist over a week ago,
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Default Re: What have I missed?

He was banned sometime on or after the 16th, today is the 23rd, so no, not over a week ago.

If I remember right, on the 14th, a discussion started on TF, and I made statements about, "if TF is going to become anal, them I am outta here", donetao then made a few posts after that for a few days, which all our posts that one night had been deleted the following day of them being posted. If I am not mistaken, the post came up as a result of a few members here being banned, but not banned on TF, after that day, he didn't really post anywhere but a single thread, and suddenly this pops up. (His last public post)
Techist - Tech Forum - View Single Post - Potentially the longest thread in history...

Either way, he is gone, and both site teams felt he had enough warnings, broke the rules enough, and needed to be removed from the community.

Just because you don't see everything in public, doesn't mean it didn't occur. Plain simple, he broke the rules at one or both sites, and he was banned. With the merger taking place, if I was banned here, I would certainly be banned at TF, so even if he was banned at TF first, what makes you think he shouldn't be banned here with the merger occurring?
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Old 09-23-2015, 02:59 PM   #36
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Default Re: What have I missed?

Makes sense. Banned on one or the other will remain banned after the merger.
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Default Re: What have I missed?


Gary was repeatedly asked time and time again not to hijack threads, regardless of how urgent he thought his issue was.

Gary was asked repeatedly to not put so much stock in the "friends" feature of the forum.

Gary was asked not to follow members around asking them to be friends with them, or making snide comments about them or their temperament. in this regard Gary followed a particular member around both forums for a few days commenting on their moods, that's the sort of behaviour we'd expect from a troll, not a grown man.

Gary was repeatedly warned both in public, (such as here Random Chit Chat at the bottom of the page) and in private messages about the way he was acting.

In that post Gary and one other member both here and at Techist were asked to just leave each other alone. both were warned that they'd be banned from both forums if they couldn't let things lie.

I had a short conversation with Gary where he seemed to say that he'd just stay away from Seti, then I went to bed... I woke up to an series of PM's. starting off as random thoughts, and ending with the simple statement that he would not let thing lie with that member it wasn't in his nature.
He'd been banned from this site before I woke up as he did not heed that warning.
Seti was banned on the same day.

both received a 3 day ban from computer forums.

both were active members at Techist also.

Seti and Gary both continued to post at techist, Seti managed to avoid or otherwise ignore Gary.

Gary on the other hand did not heed the warning that he should not derail help threads.
he did not heed the warning that all he had to do was ignore members he didn't like.

As such he was permanently banned from both forums.
His three day ban had only expired by a few hours by the time he was banned here. that's why there may be a couple of posts here after his ban at techist.

funnily enough Gary liked to talk about people with big egos on forums, and in the end it was really his own ego and stubborn nature that ended his time here. (it's a shame, he at least could get a good conversation going.)

It's that simple, there was no agenda, no vendetta, no impassioned debate.

He received far more warnings than most permanently banned members ever got. and in the end was banned.

I thought/got the impression that Gary was actually more comfortable and better received on Techist than here. -either way it won't change the past.

Now here is where my "big ego" gets it's outing.
The mods both here on CF and on Techist do not lord it above people often, the site team generally operate as 'one of the crowd' being involved in conversations and freely allowing give and take in conversations. On most days there is nothing that sets the mod teams apart from any other member. (we're not infallible, we're not more knowledgeable, we're not better humans) what does set us apart however is access to the ban button...
So if a mod asks you to drop a certain subject, or states that you're doing something wrong. then it's up to you to stop that topic and/or change the way that you act.

(that is not a specific warning to anybody!)

Mixx has his email address, so I would suggest that those who wish to remain friends with him either ask Mixx, or if you search out his username on google, he is registered under the same name on many forums, (where a lot of his posts seem to be copy/paste the same as they are here so it is definitely him!) and it's because of that that I've used his given name instead of his screen name. because it would be a shame if this obituary of a banned member was to colour someone else's views of him as a new member.

Now as stated previously in this thread, it is most uncouth to talk about someone behind their back. especially when they have been banned and cannot possibly set 'their side' of the story.

for that reason this thread is now closed.
(even after being banned he managed to derail a thread... - that's some skills I tell you!)

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