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Default What can you tell me about reporting spam

I've been having an issue with spam coming out of an Italian web site and I was wondering if there's somewhere I can report spam like this, where something might actually get done about it. In the US (I'm near Chicago), there aren't many states that have anti-spam laws.
What happened is, as soon as I joined Beta Google Groups, I didn't have a Gmail account yet. So instantly my yahoo box was out in the open and I was inundated by spam. I guess it must've overloaded the filter, because I had a ton in my bulk folder and even more in my inbox. I keep marking spam, but as sson as I get rid of one wave of the spammers, another group just takes their place.
Right now I'm getting a ton of spam scam from a whole bunch of addresses at @viriglio.it. I would've thought that after marking about 200 spams from there, it would stop. It hasn't, in fact, it's gotten worse. I don't want to close the box, but I'm getting too much of it in my inbox. I've double checked all my filters, and today I thought of restricted all mail from address originating at viriglio.it.
I looked at the site a few days ago, and it was italian, and it was kinda cool too in that they had a button that translated the page to english. cool for that, not cool for being a source of spam scam lol.
I just did a whois, then went to peek at the site again, but now it's gone, so maybe something has finally been done. I've never received so much spam from one source before. I'm listing the whois record (did a cut and paste) below.

I still have a question though about reporting spam, if you folks have any links to sites or agencies that handle international spam reporting, would you please post them in this thread, there are some people at google group who I'm sure would appreciate any links for handling this stuff. I haven't had any problems with the spam filters on my Gmail account (and I need to change my email here tonight) but others have.
I appreciate everybody's time. Along with the spam came a few jobs, so if my quotes are good I may have some work coming in. Which is really needed, I got laid off at Xmas and so decided to make a go at full time on my own business. You may notice my profile says my location is "living under a bridge soon", that's not too far from the truth lol...
I do graphic art, among other things, and I'd be interested if anyone else does so we could share tips & tricks, etc... anyone who uses corel to make backgrounds for flash, etc..and i'm working in XHTML and CSS now and I can talk about that forever. i'd also like to share some info on a cybersquatter scheme I came across recently, next time.
be back soon.

whois query results for viriglio.it (a.k.a spammasters, inc lol)

and the registrant-
Galerias 3
Zona 5, Panama 5235
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