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Default Re: What can I do with an extra computer?

what I don"t get is and maybe a little off topic, why would ur bro have to take his pc to the shop? This is a computer forum for **** sake. Atleat since I have been here I have never taken any computers in my house to a repair shop. Heck I am the repair shop for my family!!

Anyway yeah I think you should just fix up that old rig you have. After all, it's only WOW and CSS that he wants to play.

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Default Re: What can I do with an extra computer?

Originally Posted by Zer0Cool View Post
So last night I gat home from work, hoping to play some CS or WoW. It was a long day for me and I was really looking forward to some PC gaming. Unfortunately my younger 16 year old brothers PC is in a shop and apparently last night was like the last day to do some special achievement in WoW, so as you could have guessed the little devil was using my $2500 build! After some yelling I finally told him he can finish what ever he needs to do. It was like 8pm and he told me it would at least take him like 2h Well anyways, I had to find something to do, so what I did I took the PC that was standing right next to my main rig that my brother was using and I tried turning it on. I thought if I can get this PC to work, I can just give it to him for the time and be able to use mine. This PC is like 3-4 years old, but from I was able to see last time it was on, (like 6 month ago) its still kind of fast. AMD 4000+ 2G DDR Muskin Red Line(FAST), 2X 350GB HDD (Can be put in raid 0), ASUS A8NSLI-32 Deluxe MOBO, Zelman 9500 cooler, 1950XTX radion GPU. Antec P90 Case. The PC would boot, but would freeze on the windows loading screen, so what I did I took the thing a part. Im planning on reassembling everything with good cable management and fresh windows XP install. The question is what can I possibly use this PC for? And plz dont say give it to me lol

Lean something .... adobe, programming or you can use as webserver for your friends.

relax and enjoy of it with your brother .

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