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Old 07-20-2006, 03:21 AM   #21
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Default Re: Voting

Arrizx and Brookfield work this out somewhere else please.

It's just a question. Did you ever come to think that he may need to make an urgent poll?

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Default Re: Voting

Originally Posted by ArrizX
Badger, enough protecting him. I respect you and all, but your not around enough to know how long this has been going on. Its a CF deal, and techincly your CV and RG. Your welcome here anytime, but all I well.. [we] ask here is that you dont interfere in this.

Maurice brought this all on himself.
Arrizx you've clearly not been here long enough!!

and you're a member of other forums...

Oh, wait, just cause I've been here a few month longer it doesn't really give me any rights to say what people can and or cant talk about!


Badger is just as much of a member, (and contributer) as the next guy is, and he should be allowed to have his say where and when he wants it provided that it doesn't interviene the rules.

I would prefere that members were able to talk plainly and openly about how they may want things on this board to be like, (thats what the suggestions forum is for!)

that said... can we put a stop *right now* to all of this hatred and bickering strewn across the forums directed towards maurice/brookfield...

if anyone has a problem with the way that any moderator behaves then they should take that problem

in the first instance to the person they have a problem with, in the hope that it can be peacefully resolved,

in the second instance take the problem to another moderator, who will raise the issue on your behalf in the staff lounge where it can be talked about and hopefully resolved,

or you should take that problem directly to the guy in charge of the moderators (i.e david), preferably in a private message where he can lay down the law of the land, and basically chastise people where it is needed, or respond accordingly to your PM.
If davids private messages happen to be full you can create a post to ask him to clear some space to accept your message.

even if no apparant action is taken, that doesn't necessarily mean that your complaint has been ignored. it most likely means that silent action has been taken.

I thought about closing this thread, but... this thread is still open for (non haterd based) replies, even though the original question appears to have been answered.

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