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Old 10-16-2019, 12:14 AM   #1
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Question Using a branded top-up voucher...

Do you need a (example) Vodafone branded phone for this to work?

On the top-up instructions stated on their site for the voucher option specifically, it says you have to dial 444 using a Vodafone, 'pay as you go' phone. But I assume you don't need a phone that is operated by Vodafone to do that. Can you just enter the 16 digit code on any phone after one dials that number?

Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question. I don't know this technology stuff from Adam. I think they probably just say that to get you to waste money buying their products. I was actually interested in the unlimited data, minutes and texts option. My broadband is too expensive, and nowadays you can get a great connection in most places anyway, so I thought about just using mobile data via hotspots, or whatever you call this.


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Default Re: Using a branded top-up voucher...

Had to search Vodafone to see what it is. >_<

As long as the phone has a Vodafone SIM card it should work. In other words, '444' is only going to work on the Vodafone network.

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Default Re: Using a branded top-up voucher...

Do you really get unlimited data? Most that claim unlimited actually has a cap.
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Old 10-16-2019, 12:06 PM   #4
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Post Re: Using a branded top-up voucher...

Yeah. I think it's unlimited. Some of the services though only have an online option for topping up, but I think it's better if you can just key in a code from a receipt.

I used to get a cheaper "goody bag" with giffgaff.com, and I found that when I was tethering away from my Wi-Fi, it would go down fast. Then I decided to pay a bit more to get unlimited data, for doing streaming outdoors. Not that anybody watches me on YouTube, except radge pots.

Recently, I have found myself wanting to go for a walk and play music a lot these days, because I get so bored being glued to a laptop or TV screen in my flat. The only problem with YouTube is that you cannot use the lock button when you're playing a video, and if you have it in your pocket moving about with earphones plugged in, it's a touch-screen phone.

I don't want to keep adding music files to my phone's external storage, because all those files take up space, and so I just use YouTube. Normally, I use the camera to do scenes for films which uses up the available space, but I will have to look into getting a SD-card. I wasn't sure about that, because sometimes the SD-card readers on laptops don't work right, and I wouldn't want to lose my videos.

I just know if I didn't have unlimited data, it would be used up too quickly for browsing. Like, there's a park near my flat and I can just walk around the park, posting on forums and playing tunes. In fact, I didn't even know you could use a mobile phone as a modem. It just came to me yesterday, because my ISP cut me off for not paying my billing on time. I was hoping to get rid of broadband and use the mobile link up feature. I don't really play online games, so I don't think it would affect me with lagging or anything like that.
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Default Re: Using a branded top-up voucher...

Check the small print.

I stayed with gif gafs most expensive limited plan £10 for 4gb data, 500 minutes unlimited sms, because it allows tethering, their £15 unlimited data pack does not allow tethering.

PCs tend to use more data. Unlimited phone data is unlimited phone data, not necessarily a replacement for home broadband.
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