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Default Re: Unknown Creatures.

For me religion is a contentious issue mainly because i see the problems it can cause in the world , however i wont rant on about then because religion itself dosent intend to cause these problems and certainly as a principle it means well

My parents where never religious however decided that to give me an even balance and allow me to make my own mind up they send me to religious schools where i was taught about religion not just christianity but other major world religions so i know a little bit about a few of them .they always said if i wanted to practice religion then it could be arranged and if i wanted to attend church or any other place of worship i was quite welcome too and they wouldnt stand in my way and for that i thank them as without it i would be in ignorance of what i was rejecting , i always belive you should give your kids a fair choice in the matter fairly education them both ways , when i see the education system refusing to teach evoloution i do get slightly annoyed by this , i was taught evoloution at a christian school and was taught that it was a theory im not saying it should be taught as fact because it isnt but to neglect teaching one of the most widely accepted theories in bilogical science in my view is neglecting kids of a fair education

For me i made my mind up when i was about 15/16 that religion was not really something i needed as a part of my life . However I also made my mind up how i saw religion then as well . I view religion as an alternative way of expaining how everything we have today came about , however i dont believe that is or ever was its primary purpose .I believe as another person has said in this thread that you have to read the bible in context as to the time it was written with some estimates placing the old testemant at 1400bc to 400 bc and obviously over time it has been translated from the language it was written in to various languages . For this reason i see religion being much more useful as giving structure and meaning to peoples lives and in the times books such as the bible was written it was also a system of rules to govern the kingdoms of the day . And as also has been mentioned religion depicts a relationship with this God you are taught about in the bible . For this reason at the age of 15/16 i decided i didnt need this external structure in my life and for other reasons which i wont go into as it is personal to me i decided i already knew right from wrong and had my own structure to my life i didnt need a relationship with any god and so decided i didnt want to practice religion and didnt believe in this god , this is a decision i have stood by to now and cannot see me going back on anytime soon .

To explain what i meant with an example some familly friends of ours are religious and have been as long as ive known them and part of their familly routine everyday is religion and god ,for instance through the parables of the bible and the structure and routine of religion have taught their youngest children right from wrong and how to be well rounded members of society i do agree the notions of religion are good ones to have in your life such as treat others as you would like to be treated etc and so i see religion more as a system of brining structure to families and creating that environment you can bring children up in . And i cannot fault these familly friends for that as long as you do not force it on your fammily i feel it is a good family bonding element to have in your life
However i am a good example of how you dont need that structure and routine brough on by religion as i have turned out to be a pretty well rounded member of society without any religion at all

For me however where it goes to far is when religious people try and force their faith on other people and cannot accept that other people hold values and beliefs different from them , for instance i came accross some street preachers a while ago who told me i was going to hell and i should change and god may be mercifull and they kept following me and telling me this . This for me is where it goes too far , im an atheist wont force that on anyone however if you have fait then i wish you all the luck in enjoying your faith and relationship with god however dont try and convert me because i dont believe simple as ,

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Default Re: Unknown Creatures.

the words in his own image mean anything to you also olive complected people who come from white parent generally have an italian or something of the sort in thier blod line my wife is white but olive complected her parents both white as ghost as well as thier parents but the great great g-pa was italian

God, I hope you're wrong. I don't want to be a frigging Sim...

that is funny as hell never thought of it that way

i wouldnt try to convert anyone like you said earlier religion is a choice
however atheism is a religion all its own people who dont believe in higher power believe in something else in curriosity what is it you believe in?
where did we come from?
also you proved another of my points i havent gotten too ......
people who have trouble in thier life find it easier to find god then those who have little or no trouble this was written in the bible (if someone could tell me the verse that would be helpful) this was written ages ago and still stands today what that means is if someone is well off such as wealthy they still have problems but are less focused on them some one poor focuses on problems because they cant see past them (now that plays into your statement above but i have no argument with your statement anyway)you said religion changes people for the better so when someone poor resorts too religion to better themselves they see a change and things start working
then they stop religion all over again and things go bad which can be taken several different ways
be grateful your doing great muz because if it were me id think hmmm if there is no heaven or hell what is it going to hurt to resort to religion if it keeps me on track.
once again you make very valid points thats the best argument ive seen for atheism
but i still believe in god !!!

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