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Default Re: UK People...

nice post root, alot of stuff in there i didnt even know about (Y)

sums it up pretty good id say.

been following the election results all day at school, been on every teacher's monitor. Conservatives had the lead when it comes to seats and votes, but they didnt have enough to win by majority. hung parliament id say.

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Default Re: UK People...

Yes, labour mucked up, but what's to say some other party won't muck up the same way?
I can tell you for sure that every government will at some point make it'self unpopular.

you have to look at it this way.

the current government (who may or may not stay since we have a hung parliament) have a lot to answer for.

for example, the rise of the BNP, for those who don't know what the BNP are, the BNP are political front of a group of racists, organisations like Combat 18 have spurned from this organisation, the leader is friendly with KKK leaders in America and is recorded as a holocaust denier.

So why has this party got about a thousand votes in each constituency that they stand in.

well, a lot of people are 'fed up' with the levels of immigration.

a lot of people say that the government has been soft on immigration and turn to more 'hardline' parties

far from being just soft on imigration, the current /outgoing? government have actually deliberatly increased immigration in a bid to make our country "irreversibly diverse" with some comment that it would "give the opposition a black eye"

'It is correct that public opinion favours relatively restrictive policies on immigration.'[/quote]
The huge increases in migrants over the last decade were partly due to a politically motivated attempt by ministers to radically change the country and "rub the Right's nose in diversity", according to Andrew Neather, a former adviser to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett.
however, look at it another way...
we needed those immigrant workers, they are the people who are doing the shite jobs that nobody really wants they are the street cleaners, the hospital porters, the traffic wardens,

I know it might seem silly and pedantic... but do you mean "It's all not true" or "It's not all true"? There is a fairly big difference :P
the post after the quote was auto merged.

read from the quote down about people pre-conceived views about the parties based on the thatcher government or the heath government before that...

the only thing that you can say about the labour government that's the same as the heath government is that they left a massive hole in public finances, and the next government had no choice but to make spending cuts.

and that'll be the case now.

anyway, from the quote down, every bodies pre-conceived statements about red socialist labour and blue capitalist conservative are just wrong.

Labour have moved away from socialism and cosied up into bed with big business, conservative have gone the other way.

people who say that labour are all working class and torries are all toffs are wrong. half the current cabinet went to public schools they grew up in the same classes as the current toffs that they are fighting against. and they are the same people who are meeting Geffen on his yatch and then passing the digital economy bill with all that three strikes and you're out bull.

We have a hung parliament, it is now my hope that a minority government is formed... and that electoral reform is pushed through.

and here's why
firstly electoral reform,

firstly consider three constituencies, each have 30 people and there are 3 parties. A B and C

in area 1 results are
party A 15
party b 1
party c 14
(party A wins 1 seat)

area 2 results are
party A 1
party b 15
party c 14
party b w5ns a seat

area 3
Party 1 15
party b 1
party c 14
party a wins a seat

party a have 2 seats and win power
party b have 1 seat and in in opposition
party c have no seats and are not represented

party a total votes = 31
party b total votes = 17
party c total votes = 42

Party C clearly won by popular vote, but are not represented at all!

that's the current situation that faces a lot of parties at the moment, whilst they do have a lot of support, that support is spread all over the country so they never return a decent amount of seats in government.

(getting rid of that system in favour of proportional representation) -is what the lib dems are asking for.

The tory idea for voting change is to make sure that all constituencies have the same amount of people in them.

think about it this way, if the area you live in has 100 voters and the area I live in has 1000 voters, my vote is only worth a tenth of your vote.

yes, making sure that there are the same amount of people in each area is a start (a damned good start), but there are still the problems that I listed above.

so that's why I want electoral reform.

now why do I want a hung parliament? why do I want majority government?

in this country we use a "first past the post" system.
basically there are 650 seats of power, far a party to win they need to have 326 seats, (then they have a majority).

basically, even if everyone else in the room, ALL MPs from ALL other parties say that it's a terrible idea the majority party can say tough titty, they'll win a vote because there are more people on their side.

(as I understand it before loosing that seat earlier this year, this is pretty much what Obama was able to do, swiftly push through policies, even if they were popularly opposed).

I want a hung parliament so that we can have new laws and new reforms written properly, debated properly and voted on democratically, (by people elected in fair and representative election).

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