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Old 04-03-2007, 04:54 PM   #21
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Default Re: Train travels at 356 mph

Im sure a tiny misalignment of the tracks or bump on them would throw the train off the rails! craazy speed lol.

Bet it still managed to be 20 mins late

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Default Re: Train travels at 356 mph

i hate late trains!
was on the TGV Amsterdam-Paris last week and we were delayed for about 15 minutes in The Hague for some reason. I presumed we'd end up being very late due to the amount of trains that head into Paris.
Nope, the driver must have put the foot down, we had to wait just outside Paris for 5 mins because 'we arrived too early' !!!
They must have a hell of alot of tracks/lines going into Paris.
The worse service in Europe must have been Waterloo-Portsmouth about 5 years ago. 1 time the driver apologised for the train going to be late because he had to go real slow because one of the carriages had a broken window. another time on the same line, AFTER we left Waterloo the driver announced a change of route, we ended up going south to the coast then west to Portsmouth at 10mph and we seemed to stop at every 2 house village for some sightseeing.

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Default Re: Train travels at 356 mph

I think trains around us only travel at like 70mph, but I live in Harvard and have only taken teh Harvard to Chicago Metra.

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