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Old 09-18-2010, 06:22 PM   #11
Omnicide now.
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Default Re: Top 10 (20?) Most Common IT Issues?

Originally Posted by Illmatic View Post
I'd put together some type of free anti-spyware/anti-virus package that users can download (or put it on a disk).
It would have to be updated constantly. I would just put together a list of ones to use, and let them DL the newest version.

Oh, another ID10T error I remembered. My brother decided to move our HTPC for some reason unknown to me. Anyway, my dad calls me later, complaining that the computer is broken. All I can get out of him is that it "will not boot Windows."I get him to check all the connections and he says they are good. I go over to his house, try to turn it on, and black screen. So I go look at the connections, and sure enough, my brother plugged the HDMI cable into the IGP instead of the video card.

We should make a thread for this kind of stuff. Let's call it the 'PEBKAC thread'. Anyone with me?

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Old 09-22-2010, 10:33 PM   #12
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Default Re: Top 10 (20?) Most Common IT Issues?

Hello there,

Here are some that i can offer you with solutions beneath them.

My computer is running too slow.
*Do a scan for viruses and spyware.
*Upgrade your memory.
*Clean your registry.

I'm getting a runtime error 7/out of memory error when trying to run certain program.
*Check your computer's specs against the specs of the software you are trying to run to see if your computer supports it.
*Clear your registry of clutter. (CCleaner is a program that is effective and easy to use.)
*An upgrade may be an order.

I'm getting tons of popups every time I try to go on the Internet.
*Scan for viruses, spyware, and malware.
*A reformat is necessary if scans do not help.

I hope that this helps you out. I hope that everything goes well for you in your computer business.

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Old 09-24-2010, 08:25 AM   #13
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Default Re: Top 10 (20?) Most Common IT Issues?

Originally Posted by celegorm View Post
Don't forget about PEBKAC. That is my number 1 cause of errors on my computers...
I call it a PICNIC error, but it's the same thing. My dad has this error quite often. It's rather annoying.
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Default Re: Top 10 (20?) Most Common IT Issues?

If only we could really set people on fire when they ask stupid questions...

But I'm trying, Ringo. I'm trying real hard... to be the Shepherd.
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